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Crawl Arena ~ Monsters fight to the death while we bet fake money!
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The silver statue wins if it has allies alive when the Hydra is dead.
30 on the Statue then. Thanks for the clarification (and for hosting this little event).

Bets for 4 hours then? I'll check back later on.
Results are in:

Round 1:  Winner is the 20 headed Hydra who literally tore any demon apparent that appeared.  It took its sweet time too, killing anything the statue summoned before actually walking over to the statue.

Round 2:  Winner is the Killer Klown who slaughtered the spiders.

Round 3:  Winner is Sigmund who confused the death yak shapeshifter and slowly ate away at its HP until it hit him once as a normal yak and nearly killed him.  He killed it with one last blow.

Pesco: 50
Xan:  110
Jan-san:  100

Next rounds:

Round 4:
Executioner VS Hellion
Note:  Both are rank 1 demons capable of fucking over even late game players.  The Executioner is the fastest creature in the game and does loads of damage per each of its up to eight hits to boot.  The Hellion is beefy and hits hard as well as having the ability to rain the power of hell on you.

Round 5:
Xtahua VS Pandemonium Lord
Note:  Xtahua is an unique dragon in Crawl that possess breath use of every element and high all around elemental defense, she is also more than capable at close range and hold high regeneration powers, more than capable of screwing over your game if you're unfortunate enough to meet her in the Vaults.  Meantime, Pandemonium Lords are randomly generated monsters, however, they almost always have high HP, physical attacks, ability to summon demons, wide variety of elemental attacks, etc.  Whether or not it generates to be strong enough to take on Xtahua is another matter.  They're also stupidly tall in 0.5.

Round 6:
Human VS Elf
Note:  Mundane battle guys, it's just a wimpy human that's unarmed VS a wimpy elf that's unarmed.  And no, they don't know magic.

Place your bets.  I'll be here to collect cash in 3 hours.
25 on the human and 25 on the hellion
Maid Xan~:
I'm betting 10 on the human and ignoring the others.
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