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Crawl Arena ~ Monsters fight to the death while we bet fake money!
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Dorian White:
40 on Cerebov, The Royal Jelly, and Antaeus
20 on Orc Warband and Friends

20 on pesco losing money
Round 37:  Winner is team Orc.  We'll just say that two large forces collided and that the battle took far too long.  Xom was right.

Round 38:  Winner is the pig.  Slap fight again.  Xom was wrong.

Round 39:  Winner is Team Evil Lords of Jelly.  The spam was still pretty bad with so many silver statues, but fire storm make quick work of them.  Xom was right.

Pesco: 10
Xan:  160
Jan-san:  125
Totaku:  150
Edible?:  34
Stuffman:  120
Sylon:  2
wrathie:  55
Affinity:  18
I.P.D.: 35
Pancake: 270
Roukanken: 200
irekaZ: 1
Kanako Yasako: 110
Cairo: 1
MBurusu: 60
Trance: 70
Anathe: 240
T34G3: 30
Xom: 442
Dorian G.: 140

Updated some time in the far future.
pesco u didn't bet and u made me lose money T_T
That was kinda the point.
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