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Crawl Arena ~ Monsters fight to the death while we bet fake money!
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Okay, here's the deal, as of 0.5, the makers have included an extra feature called the arena.  Basically you can pit a team of any variety of Crawl monsters against another team (like say, hobogoblin and goblin VS a centaur, or five Sigmunds VS two hydras).  They'll fight to the death and such.

Rules of the arena:

1.  Everyone starts with 100 gold to bet.
2.  Betting on a winning monster doubles the gold you bet.
3.  Betting on a losing monster causes you to lose the gold you bet.
4.  A tie results in you still losing your fake money, ain't I a jerk?
5.  If fifty turns go by without either monster attacking the other, the match is a tie.
6.  You can give money to another player if you want.
7.  Running out of money results in you getting a single pity gold to start off with.  1 gold.

Simple, no?

If this actually goes somewhere, I eventually set up a tournament with people buying monsters for their teams and fighting for more gold.  It'll probably be price is equal to the amount of experience the monster gives.

Good?  Okay, first three rounds:

Round 1:
20 headed Hydra VS Silver Statue
Notes:  The twenty headed Hydra can attack twenty times in a single turn as well as horde loads of HP and grow back heads that are lost.  The Silver statue can summon loads of low and medium level demons and devils.

Round 2:
Killer Klown VS 5 Trapdoor spiders
Notes:  Killer Klowns are only found in ZOT, and because of such, they're stupidly strong as well as having a wide variety of attacks that not even I have fully charted.  Trapdoor spiders are later dungeon enemies that can hide underground when hurt and surprise attack enemies, they're also faster than the average enemy.

Round 3:
Sigmund VS Shapeshifter
Notes:  Sigmund is known to be physically powerful with his scythe as well as having a wide variety of conjuration spells, including fire, ice, and confusing spells.  May also carrying a wand.  The shapeshifter can morph into and mimic any non-unique, so this means it can go from rat to orb guardian at random.

Place your bets on any match you want!

I'll update this in, say, four hours?
Bet 50 gold on the silver statue to win. The other 2 I'm not to sure on, especially round 3.
Maid Xan~:
10 on hydra (I know 27 head beats the statue...)
5 on Klown (Because clowns are the ultimate evil)
5 on Shapeshifter (Chances of it getting something that can defeat sigmund are pretty high, actually)

Round 1 would seem to hinge on whether the Hydra will target the Statue or the summons. (If the Statue goes down, but not the summons, does the Hydra still win?)

In any case, 20 on the Klown and 10 on Sigmund.
Go big or go home damnit!
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