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Gyakuten Touhou/Aya Shameimaru Ace Attorney 2 translation done! (Link on Page 8)
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I had the idea of doing this myself, but I couldn't even get the games to run, so it was astoundingly unlikely I'd be able to figure out how to hack them, either. (Translating RPG Maker games almost feels like cheating in comparison.)

As such, I have no idea if the content is even any good, but how far wrong can you really go? (Okay, well...)
I don't think anyone else's started/planned on it, or hacked the scripts out of it for that matter. Do you just plan to jot down the scripts as you play or something?

I'm working on my own project myself, but I'll be glad to provide editing/proofreading help if you need it.
I was unaware of these games existing.

I am very very interested.
Alright, I went ahead and bought the games yesterday. It turns out there are only two games, but they remade the first game (already) so I'm going to start with that.

My hacking knowledge is kind of limited, but I will attempt to root through the files and see if I can find where the text is stored. Otherwise, I will have to go through the game and try to do everything line by line which will be kind of annoying, but oh well. I'll see how it is set up first and then if I have to ask for help, I'll go from there.
You're my hero
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