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Gyakuten Touhou/Aya Shameimaru Ace Attorney 2 translation done! (Link on Page 8)
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Ever since Touhou Soccer 2 was finished (and not being motivated to edit/translate the rest of CoLA), I've been thinking about the next fangame I should translate. I remember seeing this game in Akihabara, and being a big fan of the Ace Attorney games, I decided this would be a fun project to work on. I think there are at least two of these games and I would aim to translate in order however many there are.

I just have two questions:
1. Is there any interest in a patch for this?
2. Has another group/person on the internet started on this already?
Allow me to voice a lot of interest in this; I've played every Ace Attorney game, and would love to try out a Touhou take on it. Hell, I'd help if I knew Japanese...
My interest could be only shown as doing a video me running naked on the main square of my town, screaming "HELL YES".
Dead Princess Sakana:
Interest: Definitely YES!
Zengar Zombolt:
Why are you even asking? Translate, fgt
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