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There have certainly been more dark and bloody adventures around here before.  For instance, a few post-apocalyptic quests by Dormio and Himiko, as well as the ones set in the Fate and Dark Souls universes.   So violence and its results isn't a deal-breaker on its own; like most things, it'd probably depend on how it's handled by the GM and players.
I see, good to know. Thank you for the answer!
Branneg Xy:

--- Quote from: Mr.Ownage on June 04, 2019, 02:30:04 PM ---I see, good to know. Thank you for the answer!

--- End quote ---
Good discerning  Mr. Ownage and My "thankings" to " Sophilia " as well ! I also add " Tough Authors"( more under Patchouli's Scarlet Library Section+its Chosen Subsection) like and not just "Lt. Colonel Summers " and partly " Sourfang "and " Purvis ":
remember ,with some sort of implicit or explicit Approval by the Other Players ,incl. "Lurkers Gratefully De-Lurking", + the GM/Parser, there is always the  opportunity to " Act Hard,Play Hard,Be a Die-Hard,Be a Rule-Breaker and...".
Nevertheless it is Best to Keep It " All Ages/Border-All-Ages" and reckon by Matter&Resolution,Perspective&Course-of-Action : is it a Good, Creatively Nice , Smart Alternative Course or at least a Decent Unlocking one?
Or is it,even indirectly or by long-ish term or a lead-to, a Temptation, a Misunderstanding, a Bad Move,an Excess?

Recently e-g. -I am still a fairly Inexperienced Active CYOA/RP-Player too !    :colbert:  :flowerpower: :sword!:- The only 1 Game-Over Sequence in "Rumia Quest III Revival..." was because of an Excess with Raikaria(Parser/GM) ,kindly accurately and even by-instance, having warned beforehand  :
an Unchallenged/Overlooked Detailed Command <---> Rumia (Least Unsealed,On Her Own at that point) went for Excessively Boxing-In a Fleeing&Frantic Vampire Elis in Daylight - Penultimate Boss/1st Vampire from Makai of the PC-98 1st Touhou Game, Highly Responsive to Prayers - who Counterattacked by Final Grimoire !!!
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