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Make sure you explain how to play for the people that don't know wtf is going on. Like me :V
Dead Princess Sakana:
I'd vote for custom-made gameboards, though the first episodes would work as well. You shouldn't go further than episode 3 though, I'd say.

I'm definitely in on that game.
Custom-made takes a lot of writing for it to be genuine and good, though.

I'm preparing a succinct summation of the first gameboard, and then I'll prepare the thread. There should be no spoilers past episode1 in the entire game; I intend to start with a clean slate, so the gameboard will be devoid of any pre-existing red.

I can't promise it'll be amusing, because I might have differing opinions on what's fun and what's not, but I'll try my best.

Do people prefer to have it in Adventure Text Game format? :P
I know absolutely nothing about Umineko. Can ignorant people like me in?
:) Sure. Of course. That's why I took the effort to write a succinct synopsis of the events. You'll be at a slight disadvantage because I omit spoken text, speculations, possible small clues from the VN itself but the mystery should be solvable even without them.
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