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Still Chen's Day Out! =^_^=
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You are CHEN YAKUMO. Currently, it is your day off. That is not to say it is a very good day off. This may have something to do with Yukari killing everyone. Gensokyo is now one hell of a pit, and you bear the stigma of being YUKARI YAKUMO'S Shikigami. That doesn't mean you're not trying to help people out. You've solved the rumblings in the SDM, You're working on fixing the pollution, You need to just fix everything. But you also still need a hair cut, have had to deal with a crazy bitch and her pet lizard, been chased by a god damn land shark, and on top of everything, have a very angry MARISA KIRISAME after you.

You're pretty sure she also just hit you with a FINAL MASTER SPARK.

Today isn't going so well.

>Your inventory contains:
>Reisen's Old Clothing [Worn]
You're not sure how long Tewi had this hidden, but its not dirty or anything. It's Reisen's classic look.
>Box Hat
Its a box, as a hat. Simple as that.
>Cardboard Box
A box that has to have SOME use.
>Familiar Pentagram [THE ROC]
A pentagram used to contain familiars, while it seems cruel, its actually the equivalent of a 5 star hotel in there.
>Frog Pin [Worn] [BROKEN]
A slightly Soggy Pin that Sanae treasured.
>SPACE Cape [Worn] [Unremovable]
Its a cape that appears to have space on the inside
>Broken Sword [Half-Contracted]
Its a sword Meira used. It appears to be leaking COLORED AIR.
>Nyamune [Using]
Your trusty sword, its a lot heavier than most other swords around here.

>Your current Quests are:

>Get this thing out of me!
You've a familiar in you that is, among other things, keeping you humanoid. If you get it out, you might be able to shape shift between Humanoid and Kitty.

>Cutting your hair for the first time, for dummies.
You want to cut your hair yourself. You need something to cut with, and a reflective surface.

>Oh god landsharks
The fairy lake near the SDM is polluted! You should fix this! You found the source of the pollution, a pool guarded by a familiar.

>Haunted Vampire's Mansion, What a Redundancy!
You found Demon is still in the SDM. You don't know what else there could be too it.

>A Shiny New Miko
You think the Hakurei Shrine could use a new shrine maiden. You may want to have her be shiny or not, though. You've reclaimed the Hakurei Shrine, too.

>Demon ain't goin' home no more
Demon is still at the SDM mansion, pouring that glass of tea over and over again. You really want to fix this, what could possibly be keeping her here?

>The Oni Blues
Suika is in a bit of a funk, Yuugi wants you to help her out of it. You talked to her about fixing what SHE messed up. She seems to atleast be drinking.

>Pit to Negative Infinity
The vertical tunnel Parsee used to guard has gone oddly endless. You're not sure why this is...

>Broken Contract
The contract Meira used isn't completely lost, you could use it still. You'd need the missing parts of the contract though...

>Axe Crazy Marisa
Marisa is currently very very mad with you. In fact, She wants you dead. You probably should fix this. You think this may have something to do with the fact you killed Reimu.

Oh, Right. You also just remembered you're a heartless kitty who killed Meiling, Byakuren, and Reimu. You also literally ate Nazrin alive.

You're kind of glad wherever you are is dark. That way, no one can see you like this.

Actually, Shouldn't you be dead right now?
Hello Purvis:
>Of course not, we have things to do. But are we sleepy?
Everyone, I would like to apolagize myself for almost giving us all a game over. Perhaps I told a bit too much. Atleast we know whst happened before all this.....not that this makes me any happier, seeing the dark background of our kitty 'heroine'.

> Try and feel around where you are. If you're able to, try and open your eyes.

--- Quote from: Purvist Samurai on January 21, 2010, 01:10:16 AM --->Of course not, we have things to do. But are we sleepy?

--- End quote ---

You guess someone up there doesn't want you dead yet, at least.

Actually, You feel rather refreshed. Certainly far better than you should be after taking a master spark.

--- Quote from: OkashiiNaito on January 21, 2010, 01:12:46 AM ---> Try and feel around where you are. If you're able to, try and open your eyes.

--- End quote ---

You only feel what vaguely feels like a floor.

You can however open your eyes. You can see your hand now at the very least.

"Good Morning, Chen."
Hello Purvis:
>Check self for wounds or missing kidneys.
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