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Chen's Day Out! ヾ(^∇^)
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Let me tell you a story, Kitten.
Once, There was a beautiful princess with an ample kingdom.
Kind and strong, she ruled all with a just and iron hand.
Her land was small, and many outside kingdoms would threaten it, but she held them all away with her power.
At first, she was favored, welcomed, treated well by her kingdom.
Eventually, though, she was forgotten and ignored, as time went on and the old went out.
New people no longer believed in the princess' deeds, placing them on the shoulders of a new person.
This was fine, she was still respected and even loved now and then.
Then she became feared and blamed, people called her malevolent and at cause for everything.
They even called their champion to strike at her and burn her.
For a time, she did not blame them, they only feared their weakness.
It only worsened, day after day, until finally the princess had it.
They had wronged her, so she slaughtered them, killed them, proved that their champions were nothing~.
Ah, She bathed in their blood... But they wounded her, struck at her in their foolish claims on indignation.
So she decided to rest, let them sort out the remains, and then come again.
She left them broken and weary, and left broken and weary. To a little hill, with a little warm cave, with her little kitten.
And then she killed them all again~!
Wasn't that wonderful, Kitten? Now, I'm going to sleep again, so be a good kitten and watch for intruders...

You liked her better when she slept too much.

You are the youkai formerly known as CHEN YAKUMO, you have been recently renamed to KITTEN. You are unsure if you prefer your old name. You are wearing a DIRTY AND SLIGHTLY TORN DRESS. You have lost your HAT a long time ago. You are currently a SHIKIGAMI to YUKARI YAKUMO. You are SLIGHTLY BEAT UP and FAIRLY TIRED FROM LACK OF SLEEP. You have FORGOTTEN SOME THINGS. You do not have an inventory except for what you are wearing. You are in an UNLIT AND SLIGHTLY DANK CAVE. YUKARI YAKUMO is also here, she appears to be attempting to sleep and is covered by covers. This is the first time in a long period this has happened, and will be the only chance you have to leave this cave. This is figuratively your day off, so you should use it to do what you can, After that, it is back to rough petting and hearing the same story over and over till god knows when.

Yukari does not appear to be asleep yet, leaving would be foolish. Instead, You should try to remember SEVEN THINGS to decide what to do first.

>Ran's dead isn't she
Caber Knight Etch-A-Sketch:
>try to remember fighting techinques, like spell-cards or non-spell danmaku
Hello Purvis:

--- Quote from: E-Saturn on December 28, 2009, 06:14:00 AM --->Ran's dead isn't she

--- End quote ---

You should try to remember SEVEN THINGS to decide what to do first.

--- Quote from: Etch on December 28, 2009, 06:16:45 AM --->try to remember fighting techinques, like spell-cards or non-spell danmaku

--- End quote ---

You recall how to fight. While Danmaku is nearly useless for actual combat, you remember you mostly fought by using your speed and DARK MAGICAL ARTS. You were taught a bit about HOW TO USE SHIKIGAMI as well.

--- Quote from: Captain Purvis M.F.D. on December 28, 2009, 06:22:40 AM --->Cry.

--- End quote ---

She hurt you until you stopped, last time you did that. You're afraid to do it again, even if shes asleep.

You should try to remember SIX THINGS to decide where to go from here.
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