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Hello Purvis:
>Unfatal Commonality

--- Quote from: Mind-The-Grue on September 13, 2009, 12:44:25 AM ---> "My loyalty and devotion as your very own apprentice. I will off course always be there to call upon for the occasional favour."

> "Please, as a first lesson, show me how best to find a way to defeat Parsee. We fear she may not go down through conventional force. Our only lead is to search the underground world for the bucket loli Kisume, apparently also known as the hobo queen. Perhaps you may lead us further into this quest."

--- End quote ---

>"Eh, I can get blokes to do that when I need it on account of hitting them really zoggin' hard." Says Suika. "But you lot can tag along with me."
>"Oh right, that bit. I can take you underground, sure."
>Nitori heads back into her warehouse and closes the door.

> First
> second.

> So everyone, lets hop onto Mystia's back and lets fly to the horizon!
Third Eye Lem:
> Ask > Summary of details so far
> Go back up to the warehouse and politely knock on the door. "Psst, Nitori. Are you ready to go? You'll be bringing the very best of your ingenious kappa tech equipment, right? We'll be needing the very best and brightest to actually stand a chance at this."
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