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MysticTK (Mystic Square Toolkit)Project website at http://lunarcast.net
Discord Server: https://discord.gg/jXNf8MK
What is this:
This project is a collection of utilities that allow extensive modification of Mystic Square's game archives. Stage enemies, enemy scripts, bullet patterns, backgrounds and dialogue can currently be completely customized.

Decompiles .STD stage definition files in to scripts and tables and compiles resulting file back in to .STD files
d <InputFile> <OutputFile> - Decompile STD file to source file
c <InputFile> <OutputFile> - Compile source file to STD file
Edit Stage Name, BGM Name and Boss BGM Name
Edit Stage Design and Layout (Rearrange tile sections which are 24x5 rows of tiles composed in MAP files)
Edit Enemy Scripts
Edit Enemy Spawn Table
Edit Bullet Patterns spawned by stage enemies
Decompiles .MAP files in to a table of tile indices and compiles indice lists back to .MAP files
d <InputFile> <OutputFile> - Decompile MAP file to source file
c <InputFile> <OutputFile> - Compile source file to MAP file
Rearrange tiles within a Tile Section (Sections 24x5 tiles (5 rows, 24 across))
d <InputFile> <OutputFile> - Decode MPN file to BMP file
c <InputFile> <OutputFile> - Encode BMP file to MPN file
Edit the individual tiles used in MAP files and stages
Edit the palette used for the stage (Warning: Affects everything on screen!)
Warning: Use a program that supports Indexed Color to edit the outputted bitmaps (such as GIMP or PS), most programs (such as MSPaint or Paint.NET) mangle the color palette information.
d <InputFile> <OutputFile> - Decompile TX2 file to source file
c <InputFile> <OutputFile> - Compile source file to TX2 file
Edit the dialogue text in game
Edit which portraits appear during dialogue scenes
d <InputFile> <OutputFile> <PaletteFile> - Decompile CDG file to source file
c <InputFile> <OutputFile> <FrameWidth> <FrameHeight> - Compile source file to CDG file
Edit character portraits and player selection portraits
Edit player spell backgrounds
Decodes .BFT files in to 16 color (4bpp) .BMP files and vice versa
d <InputFile> <OutputFile> <PaletteFile> - Decompile BFT file to source file
c <InputFile> <OutputFile> <FrameWidth> <FrameHeight> - Compile source file to BFT file
Edit player sprites
Edit stage enemy and boss sprites
Edit shot sheets and items
(Warning: These files may have their own palettes but use MPTN palette ingame)
Decodes .PI files in to 16 color (4bpp) .BMP files and vice versa
d <InputFile> <OutputFile> [PaletteFile] - Decompile PI file to source file (Custom palette optional)
c <InputFile> <OutputFile> - Compile source file to PI file
Edit menu and UI backgrounds
Edit stage loading logo
Edit startup splash screen
(Warning: These files set the palette on menu screens)
Reencodes 16 color (4bpp) .BMP files if they are not recognized by the other tools
<InputFile> <OutputFile> - Convert bitmap
If a BMP file is not directly recognized by MpnDef this might help

Download (WinXP+): http://file.lunarcast.net/mystictk/latest.zip
Download (Win95/WinNT3.1+/PC98(Win)): http://file.lunarcast.net/mystkcrt/latest.zip

Change enemy item drops (StageDef)
Moonlight Palette Swap (MPNDef)
TxDef tool has been added to Mystic Toolkit, which allows you to edit the dialogue files
CDGDef tool has been added to Mystic Toolkit, which allows you to edit image files used for dialogue portraits, player spellcard backgrounds and menu character selection portraits
Silent Sinner in Scarlet:
There is once crucial tool lacking here: an utility for converting BMP image files into BFT image files (for the individual character and object sprites, in addition for customizing the on-screen gaiji font). Many years ago, I wrote a C program for converting BFT into BMP, but not the other way around. But I cannot locate that utility anymore: it is held hostage in a non-responsive hard drive in my possession. And I don?t currently have US$ 3000 for retrieving data from that HDD  :(

Actually, not all BFT files are single-image sprites, they are more like sprite collections sharing a common 16-color palette.

Fortunately, before this HDD crashed, I was able to use that utility of mine to convert all BFT files from all Tōhō games from TH02 to TH05 into BMP files which I saved to a USB thumbdrive that still survives as of today; the original BFT files are also in my safe possession. If anyone needs them, I can share them here.
Silent Sinner in Scarlet:
Looks like someone already had an utility for opening those BFT files:


They called it BFNTCONV. Well, anyway, I am posting here what I could reverse-engineer from BFT (and BB0, BB1, ?) files

Also, this other thread mentioned another utility, YY-CHR, used to apparently edit BFT files. So check which of these two utilities, BFNTCONV or YY-CHR, would be the best one to be included into the Mystic Square Toolkit.
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