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Mecha RPG - Recollection of a Solar War (General Thread)
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Hmm... Might be a bit too much for now with school starting, but I can be on more dependently as time goes on. I rather like the set-up in general though, so I'd really hate to miss out on this venture.
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Things to note when you make your character's background.

In the future, humanity has gone beyond the limits of Earth and began colonizing the outer reaches of the solar system. In the inner solar systerm, powerful corporations rose to take control and took control as governments. In the outer reaches,  the colonies on the moons of Jupiter united and established a nation that rivaled the power of the corporations in the inner solar system. However, in order to maintain order, power was placed with a select few. The colonists on Europa rebelled against the United Republics and fought to gain control of the moon. The Corporations and the United Republics of Jupiter fight over the ever dwindling resouces needed to keep nations alive and money flowing.

Throughout the solar system, radicals fight to liberate the people from the oppression of the United Republics and the Corporations. However, many of them strive to protect the remaining resources and nature. Calling themselves the Liberators of Eden, they hide out throughout the asteroid belt. It is also rumored that they hide out in the Kuiper belt on the outside solar system.

The Corporations and the United Republics facilitate war with large space fleets and mechas. Yeah, they fight with Mechas. Each of the factions have differing styles of combat, unique yet effective in their own way. While the Corporations fight against each other and the United Republics, there are certain things which are sold amongst eachother. Business is business after all.

In a separate pocket of reality, there existed a place, untouched by industry. Protected by powerful borders, it remains untouched as life continues it slow pace. This is the world known as Gensokyo. In the battle for resources amongst the Corporations and the United Republics, Gensokyo would find itself with a large number unwanted visitors. In response, the inhabitants of Gensoky built a massive ship and fled to find new life, but there would be very little rest in the unforgiving reaches of space.

The Factions

Terran Munitions Corporation

One of the major Corporations to form a government, the Terran Munitions Corporation holds a powerful monopoly over heavy explosives. Specializing in heavy artillery, Terran Munitions is the largest producer of mass drivers. Despite being the largest producers of mass drivers, Terran Munitions is most famous for the Bunker Buster, a type of close quarters ram capable of busting all but the heaviest of armor.

Lunar Corporation

The Lunar Colony rose to wealth thanks to the efforts of the Lunar Corporation. The Lunar military consists of the latest technology brought forth from the Lunar Corporations R&D Department. Because of the low gravity, testing munitions would take forever, and time is money. Instead, the Lunar Corporation deals mainly in energy-type weaponry, such as Plasma cannons. It's only a rumor, but it is said that an energy sword, known as a Warp Saber, is being developed.

Martian Foundries Corporation

Mars is rich in minerals, making Mars an ideal place to develop heavy armour. The Foundaries of Mars pump out hundreds of Heavy mechas as well as the feared Titan. Martian Foundaries is also the main producers of railguns in the solar system and pioneered the Drone-Pod technology. Martian Foundaries are also the lead producers in ECM weaponry. It is rumored that there is a weapon in the works that allows a mecha to take control of another mecha, but there is no evidence to support this claim.

United Republics of Jupiter

The scientists in the URJ work hard to make weapons capable of rivaling the Corporations. So far, they've done pretty well with what they already have. The enormous Mecha army and space fleets are made possible by the foundaries of Io. Scientist have created a chassis capable of rivaling the Martian Corporation's Titan, the Izangi. The R&D department of the URJ's most feared weapon is a blade which can cut almost anything. It is also said that the URJ is working on a weapon capable of wielding the sun's power.

Europa Rebellion

The rebellion on Europa began a few years ago, but have gained great power over those few years. While it is not enough to insure independance, the colonists are able to hold their own against the URJ military. They regularly obtain supplies from the Corporations, in exchange for money. Business is business, after all.

Liberators of Eden

The Liberators of Eden are a radical group whse mission is to protect the dwindling natural resouces left in the Solar System. As a result, they mainly rely on energy based weaponry, making Lunar Corporation convoys favorite targets of Liberators. This does not mean, however, that mass drivers are not used. The Liberators of Eden are few, meaning that they can only do hit and run tactics, unlike the massive fleet doctrines of the larger militaries. As a result, their forced consist of light and medium sized mechas, adapted for high manouverablilty. It is said that they have their hands on cloaking technology, but there are no recorded accounts of this.

Gensokyo Coalition

In order to escape the destruction wrought by the wars between the Corporations, the inhabitants of Gensokyo created a large ship to escape the wars. The border to Gensokyo was openned, and the Colony Ship Gensokyo fled. The inside of the ship had most of Gensokyo preseved in the main dome of the ship while other areas consisted of weapon magazines, hangar bays, and other stuff like that. Mechs are made upon order, so there is a large degree of customization involved.

A selection of mechas to choose from if you feel the need for a more touhou themed mecha. Type in 'touhou mecha' or 'mechanization' into safebooru for more.
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