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Mecha RPG - Recollection of a Solar War (General Thread)
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Most of our discussions take place either in the WuftD Chatroom or on IRC, server dejatoons, channel #touhou-meido.

So inspired by a discussion with fellow mecha nuts, we decided to start a new RPG, mostly for fun off course. We'll see how this goes.

I'm here to describe the game mechanics, which are exceedingly simple. Etch-A-Sketch will go on to describe the setting. All of this is still going through a lot of back-and-forth development so any suggestions before we start up would be great!

The game will be a freeform RPG. For those of you who've played Waking up from the Dream, you'd have a general idea of what this is like. Basically, it'll be  something like a big collaborative fanfiction project written by many authors. 

General theme will be lighthearted comedy, with plenty of action with and without mechas, with some serious, epic moments, some slice of life, and potential for romance.

You will be a mecha pilot. Your background will be up to you, whether you were a simple civilian, a defecting pilot/lowly grunt from another faction, a wanderer, a war-criminal, a prisoner of war, etc.

Your mecha is the latest, most advanced weapon ever designed by the kappas, powered by 'mana cores'. They tower at about 15 meters tall on average, about 4 stories high.

You will be required to select partners (yes, Touhou characters, ala 'Waking up from the Dream') as follows:

Your mecha will be a two-seater, which means you will have to select a partner to pilot it with. Your co-pilot will be tasked with 'speaking' to your mana core, acting as a medium to input the controls into the mecha. Thus how much of the mecha's potential you can exploit will largely depend on your synchronization with your co-pilot. Thus building your relationship with your partner will be the key to unlocking the mana core's vast potential.

Furthermore, you will be required to select characters for your support team, which will consist of a combat analyst and an engineer for your mecha. The combat analyst's role will be to give you a battlefield overview, pinpoint tactical analysis and updates of your enemy's capabilities, positions, and status, make you coffee, as well as help you work out personal strategies in combat. The engineer is in charge of maintaining your mecha and its mana core outside of combat and to give you updates and overviews on your mecha's status, weapons, damage, etc. in combat. Again, there is some element of understanding which can be a boon in battle, which off course relies on relationship building.

Whichever partner you choose for a role, they will have at least some basic skills at the task in question. So don't worry if you choose, say, Remilia as your engineer or Yuyuko as your analyst, they will have some basic knowledge of how to hold a wrench the right way around or at least not get you killed. Plus they can always learn on the job, which will be great for character development.

It is possible to alternate co-pilots, such that your analyst or engineer can take on the role of co-pilot from time to time.

Also, if you wish to work with smaller teams, you can have your partners take on double roles. However, you must have at least one partner.

If there are leftovers partners later then there may be the option of recruiting more pilots and co-pilots under your command as wingmen and create mini-squadrons of your own.

In the future, humanity has gone beyond the limits of Earth and began colonizing the outer reaches of the solar system. In the inner solar systerm, powerful corporations rose to take control and took control as governments. In the outer reaches,  the colonies on the moons of Jupiter united and established a nation that rivaled the power of the corporations in the inner solar system. However, in order to maintain order, power was placed with a select few. The colonists on Europa rebelled against the United Republics and fought to gain control of the moon. The Corporations and the United Republics of Jupiter fight over the ever dwindling resouces needed to keep nations alive and money flowing.

Throughout the solar system, radicals fight to liberate the people from the oppression of the United Republics and the Corporations. However, many of them strive to protect the remaining resources and nature. Calling themselves the Liberators of Eden, they hide out throughout the asteroid belt. It is also rumored that they hide out in the Kuiper belt on the outside solar system.

The Corporations and the United Republics facilitate war with large space fleets and mechas. Yeah, they fight with Mechas. Each of the factions have differing styles of combat, unique yet effective in their own way. While the Corporations fight against each other and the United Republics, there are certain things which are sold amongst eachother. Business is business after all.

In a separate pocket of reality, there existed a place, untouched by industry. Protected by powerful borders, it remains untouched as life continues it slow pace. This is the world known as Gensokyo. In the battle for resources amongst the Corporations and the United Republics, Gensokyo would find itself with a large number unwanted visitors. In response, the inhabitants of Gensoky built a massive ship and fled to find new life, but there would be very little rest in the unforgiving reaches of space.

The Factions

Terran Munitions Corporation

One of the major Corporations to form a government, the Terran Munitions Corporation holds a powerful monopoly over heavy explosives. Specializing in heavy artillery, Terran Munitions is the largest producer of mass drivers. Despite being the largest producers of mass drivers, Terran Munitions is most famous for the Bunker Buster, a type of close quarters ram capable of busting all but the heaviest of armor.

Lunar Corporation

The Lunar Colony rose to wealth thanks to the efforts of the Lunar Corporation. The Lunar military consists of the latest technology brought forth from the Lunar Corporations R&D Department. Because of the low gravity, testing munitions would take forever, and time is money. Instead, the Lunar Corporation deals mainly in energy-type weaponry, such as Plasma cannons. It's only a rumor, but it is said that an energy sword, known as a Warp Saber, is being developed.

Martian Foundries Corporation

Mars is rich in minerals, making Mars an ideal place to develop heavy armour. The Foundaries of Mars pump out hundreds of Heavy mechas as well as the feared Titan. Martian Foundaries is also the main producers of railguns in the solar system and pioneered the Drone-Pod technology. Martian Foundaries are also the lead producers in ECM weaponry. It is rumored that there is a weapon in the works that allows a mecha to take control of another mecha, but there is no evidence to support this claim.

United Republics of Jupiter

The scientists in the URJ work hard to make weapons capable of rivaling the Corporations. So far, they've done pretty well with what they already have. The enormous Mecha army and space fleets are made possible by the foundaries of Io. Scientist have created a chassis capable of rivaling the Martian Corporation's Titan, the Izangi. The R&D department of the URJ's most feared weapon is a blade which can cut almost anything. It is also said that the URJ is working on a weapon capable of wielding the sun's power.

Europa Rebellion

The rebellion on Europa began a few years ago, but have gained great power over those few years. While it is not enough to insure independance, the colonists are able to hold their own against the URJ military. They regularly obtain supplies from the Corporations, in exchange for money. Business is business, after all.

Liberators of Eden

The Liberators of Eden are a radical group whse mission is to protect the dwindling natural resouces left in the Solar System. As a result, they mainly rely on energy based weaponry, making Lunar Corporation convoys favorite targets of Liberators. This does not mean, however, that mass drivers are not used. The Liberators of Eden are few, meaning that they can only do hit and run tactics, unlike the massive fleet doctrines of the larger militaries. As a result, their forced consist of light and medium sized mechas, adapted for high manouverablilty. It is said that they have their hands on cloaking technology, but there are no recorded accounts of this.

Gensokyo Coalition

In order to escape the destruction wrought by the wars between the Corporations, the inhabitants of Gensokyo created a large ship to escape the wars. The border to Gensokyo was openned, and the Colony Ship Gensokyo fled. The inside of the ship had most of Gensokyo preseved in the main dome of the ship while other areas consisted of weapon magazines, hangar bays, and other stuff like that. Mechs are made upon order, so there is a large degree of customization involved.

Kawashiro Heavy Industries
The brainchild of Nitori Kawashiro and Yukari Yakumo, a coalition of Gensokyo's brightest minds which gave birth to the Gensokyo Colony Ship. They are Gensokyo's chief producer of weaponry, particularly the Nachtwanderlied Marionette tactical weapon initiative. Their specialize in energy-based equipment centered around mana cores. Their most notable creation was the Kappa Tech Optical Camouflage system capable of rendering the user entirely invisible to the naked eye.

The homebase starship setting:

Our homebase will be the Gensokyo. It is mostly a small colony ship with a gigantic biodome housing Gensokyo itself, still the beloved paradise of human, youkai, fairies, etc. alike. The ship was built on the behest of Yukari, who, fearing for Gensokyo's safety, had the entire land be loaded onto a starship built with divine kappa ingenuity and sent out to the farther reaches of the solar system.

The starship deck beyond the biodome houses many useful facilities such as the command bridge, war room, hangar bay, engine room, etc. But most importantly, it houses the 'Divine Mana Core', a powerful artifact which made the Starship Gensokyo possible. The Divine Mana Core is a nigh inexhaustible source of power which powers the biodome and provides it with everything it needs to sustain itself.

...which is perhaps what made the starship the target of the many factions that now inhabit the solar system...for the Divine Mana Core is the key to solving their Resource War, born of the scarcity of natural resources and the imminent doom of the destruction of the human race.

Now the ship and its brave pilots must fight to defend their home, their lives, and their future...

Amaterasu Heavy Cruiser Capital Class Ship

A new homebase when we're out on missions, as dragging the entire colony ship around would be cumbersome at best, risky and dangerous at worst.

The Amaterasu, a Kawashiro Heavy Industries Surveyor Ship, modified into a Heavy cruiser capable of combat. It is the first combat-able capital-class ship designed in Gensokyo, designed in a rather ad-hoc manner after the Avalon Invasion.

The ship is somewhat smaller than most other military super capital ships of other factions, though still significantly larger than most cruiser-class ships. However, it boasts superior speed, maneuverability, as well as stealth and Kawashiro Heavy Industries' pride and joy, the Kappa Tech Optical Camouflage system. As such, it is the perfect platform to launch recon and hit-and-run missions.

It is outfitted with the following weaponry:
Prototype KHI X-Kp-C04-Lc linear Catapult Cannon for launching Nachtmares
Prototype KHI X-Kp-X01-Ls 'Amanonuboko' I 525 cm high-energy positron beam buster x 2
KHI Kp-525-Sd "Orochi" 75 mm automatic solid round multi-barrel CIWS x 16
"Naginata" anti-ship / "Gama" M114 surface-to-air / "Kazekyo" atmospheric missile launcher x 24
"Kamikage" surface-to-air missile launcher x 16
Anti-beam depth charge and flare multi-purpose launchers

It is also fitted with a spacious Nachtmare hangar bay and comfortable habitation quarters for long-duration voyages.

List of in-game terminology: (will add more later)

Nachtwandlerlied Marionette (Nightwanderer Doll) AKA NachtMare or Nightmare:
Mechas powered by mana-cores. Currently exclusively wielded by the Gensokyo Coalition. So-called due to them being the only means by which the people of Gensokyo can fight out beyond the safety of their homeland's barrier, in a world of 'night'.

Linker: The co-pilots in Nachtmares, whose task is to converse with the mana core and act as the medium through which the pilot inputs orders into the Nachtare.

Knights: Those who pilot Nachtmares.

The many sealed worlds sent out into outer space by their respective denizens in search of peace and tranquility. These are mythical paradises like Avalon, Shangrilla, Ryūgū-jō, El Dorado, Nirvanah, Shamballah, Olympus, Asgard, Vanaheim, Tir Na Nog, Atlantis, etc. Gensokyo, off course, is only one of many. The outsiders refer to these as 'Anomalies'.

Solar Frame
Mechas wielded by the humans. These come in many varieties and configurations. Most are powered by conventional means, such as batteries and fusion cores.

Those who pilot Solar Frames.



Picture: (optional)
Call sign: (basically what your unit, that is you, your copilot, and your mech, will be called in the field)
Strength: (can be a personal trait, or a skill, or whatever. e.g. endurance, intelligence, cooking, etc. Nothing over the top please.)
Weakness: (this can be fun ? things like fear of spiders, intolerance to spice, allergy to pollen, etc.)
Home: (current settlement in onboard the Gensokyo Colony Ship)
Visual Description:
Partners: (Your in-game partners)

Fun Facts (optional):
Additional Information/Background/History: (add history and other details as you go along)

Also, describe your startup mech:
Mech Name: (the name of your mech)
Mecha Type:
Light - light frame, with thin gangly limbs and a streamlined, aerodynamic body, built for agility and speed. Very weak armour. For fairy-types who like to weave through the enemy like the wind.
Medium - Frame with a medium build, with heavier armour and more solid limbs, but still somewhat aerodynamic. It strikes a balance between speed and armour. For general fast-paced warrior types who like to strike a balance between blasting the crap out of their enemies and getting up close and personal.
Heavy - a frame laced with heavy armour plates. The mecha is big and bulky, built for endurance, resistance and strength rather than speed. For those who think big is better.
Very Heavy - A frame built like a tank. Agility and Speed is for cowards. This monstrosity takes on heavy weapons fire and eats it for breakfast.

Your mechs can carry a variety of weapons on the following hard-points:
Right Hand:
Left Hand:
Holstered Right Hand: (holster on hips or back)
Holstered Left Hand: (holster on hips or back)
Right Arm:
Left Arm:
Right Shoulder:
Left Shoulder:
Left Leg:
Right Leg:

You can carry any of the following types of equipment. Feel free to develop your own flavour of weaponry. Nothing 'super-robot' or godmodded, please. Also, your mana core can only support a set amount of weapons. You have 10 weapon points (WP) to spend as you see fit. As you develop your relationship with your co-pilot, your mana core will grow stronger and the GMs may give you additional WP as you go along. The WP will be given at the GM's discretion.

1 WP:
Light Solid Ranged Armaments (rapid pistols, submachine guns, etc.)
Light Energy Ranged Armaments (laser pistols, laser submachine guns, etc.)
Light Solid Melee Armaments (pile drivers, steel knuckles, spiked knuckles, daggers, progressive knives, vibro-daggers, etc.)
Light Energy Melee Armaments (Laser pile drivers, Laser knuckles, laser daggers, etc.)
Light Support Equipment (Recon Radar, etc.)

2 WP:
Medium Solid Ranged Armaments (assault rifles, heavy machine guns, miniguns, etc.)
Medium Energy Ranged Armaments (laser assault rifles, laser machine guns, laser miniguns, etc.)
Medium Solid Melee Armaments (Swords, progressive swords, vibro-blades, katanas, etc.)
Medium Energy Melee Armaments (Laser blades, laser katanas, laser axes (small), etc.)
Medium Support Equipment (Tractor Beam, chaff, decoy drones, high-powered boosters, etc.)

3WP Heavy Solid Armaments
Heavy Solid Ranged Armaments (Missile launchers, cannons, railguns, mass drivers, etc.)
Heavy Energy Ranged Armaments (laser cannons, omni-directional lasers, etc.)
Heavy Solid Melee Armaments (buster blades, heavy maces, hammers, giant axes, scythes etc.)
Heavy Energy Melee Armaments (buster beam sabers, laser hammers, laser giant axes, laser scythes, etc.)
Heavy Support Equipment (Heavier armour, EM shielding, radar stealth)

5 WP:
Detached Independent Weapon Systems - floating weapons that act independent of the mecha (AKA Dragoons, Drone Pods, Funnels, etc.)
Unique Equipment (Invisibility cloaking device, etc.)
Special Weapons (please discuss this with one of the GMs beforehand)

After submitting your application, it will have to be approved by the GMs of the game before you may start playing. Current GMs are Theorist, Etch-A-Sketch, and Mind-The-Gap.

Available partners:
Main Heroines:
Reimu Hakurei
Marisa Kirisame

Embodiment of Scarlet Devil:
Hong Meiling
Patchouli Knowledge
Sakuya Izayoi
Remilia Scarlet
Flandre Scarlet

Perfect Cherry Blossom:
Letty Whiterock
Alice Margatroid
Lily White
Lunasa Prismriver
Merlin Prismriver
Lyrica Prismriver
Youmu Konpaku
Yuyuko Saigyouji
Ran Yakumo
Yukari Yakumo

Immaterial and Missing Power:
Suika Ibuki

Imperishable Night:
Wriggle Nightbug
Mystia Lorelei
Keine Kamishirasawa
Tewi Inaba
Reisen Udongein Inaba
Eirin Yagokoro
Kaguya Houraisan
Fujiwara no Mokou

Phantasmagoria of Flower View:
Aya Shameimaru
Medicine Melancholy
Yuka Kazami
Komachi Onozuka
Sikieiki Yamaxanadu
Lily Black

Mountain of Faith:
Shizuka Aki
Minoriko Aki
Hina Kagiyama
Nitori Kawashiro
Momizi Inubashiri
Sanae Kotiya
Kanako Yasaka
Suwako Moriya

Scarlet Weather Rhapsody:
Iku Nagae
Tenshi Hinanai

Subterranean Animism:
Yamame Kurodani
Parsee Mizuhashi
Yugi Hoshiguma
Satori Komeiji
Rin Kaenbyou
Utsuho Reiuji
Koishi Komeiji

Undefined Fantastic Object:
Kogasa Tatara
Ichirin Kumoi

Highly Responsive to Prayers:

Story of Eastern Wonderland:

Phantasmagoria of Dim. Dream:
Kana Anabera
Rikako Asakura
Chiyuri Kitashirakawa
Yumemi Okazaki

Lotus Land Story:

Mystic Square:

Rinnosuke Morichika
Hieda no Akyu
Youki Konpaku
Renko Usami
Maribel Han
Sunny Milk
Luna Child
Star Sapphire
Reisen II
Watatsuki no Toyohime
Watatsuki no Yorihime
Layla Prismriver

Name: Trent
Call sign: Blaze
Gender: Male
Age: 19
An innate sense for battle honed through 6 years fighting as a footsoldier and later as a mercenary. ...or is it just insanity parading as such?
Battlefield survival and vicious merciless tactics are his forte. Or at least, that's what other people see. Really, he's just the sort of idiot who'd continue kicking you in the kidneys when he's already blown them out of your guts with a howitzer.
He is also a devout follower of the way of the towel, fiercely believing that all his years of survival he owes to his favourite blue fluffy towel, adorned with little white froggies. The towel is now so worn and discoloured that it can act as camouflage in almost any environment. He is also an expert in close-quarters-towel-combat, or CQTC for short, a martial arts technique developed for use by only the most ardent followers of the ways of the Towel.

He has always been a lowly grunt all his life and has never touched a Solar Frame, let alone a Nachtmare (except with a huge anti-frame grenade).
Thus he has little to no piloting skills whatsoever. Secondly, he has never protected anything but himself in his life. Thus fighting for anything other than survival, let alone to defend an entire colony ship, is a concept entirely foreign to him.

He is also hopelessly attached to his towel collection, particularly his froggie towel. He also has a hopeless penchant for frog legs, something that Suwako considers pure cannibalism.

While he isn't exactly stupid, he likes to let his instincts get the better of him. He acts first, thinks later.

Visual Description: A boy of average height, unkempt jet black hair parted down the middle, wears a pair of tinted glasses now due to eye damage caused by excessive exposure to hostile environments. He is always seen with his favourite grayish blue towel slung over his shoulders. He wears a dark gray jacket over a grayish blue shirt and a pair of heavy-duty trousers. He is also always smiling his trademark 'Kitsune' (foxy) smile.

In combat, he is ruthless and merciless, resorting to the most vicious underhanded tactics possible. If he can throw sand in your face, he will. If he can poke you in the eyes, he will. If he can steal your cake, he will. If he can get you to watch spiderman 3, he will. Anything for survival in this dog-eat-dog world, after all. He is a master of survival, having escaped death on even the bloodiest of battlefields.

Frame pilots have learned to fear him as the 'Frame-Reaper', the footsoldier known for the highest kill and survival rates in on-foot engagements against Solar-Frames. Then again, maybe it's so because nobody else is stupid enough to attack a Solar Frame on foot. Furthermore, nobody's stupid enough to do so using a grenade, packing tape, and a folding pin.

But that was on foot....a nachtmare was a completely different beast....

He is, however, quite the unrealistic optimist. He's quick to amuse and easy to grin. But that's probably just all the pink hippos dancing. Nobody can ever quite guess what's going on behind that foxy grin of his....

....probably just plain chaos....

He is generally mild-mannered outside of battle. He doesn't care for much aside from him
self...not out of selfishness, but merely due to the fact that he has never learnt of the concept of caring for others. Personal survival was everything to him, to the point where he had forgotten what he was surviving for.

...that was until the day he met Suwako, Tenshi and Yukari....

Co-pilot: Suwako, Yukari, Tenshi
Analyst: Yukari, Suwako
Engineer: Tenshi, Suwako

Team History:
Welcome to Team Heaven and Earth Border of Ecstasy Love and Be Loved Gift of Earth I?m Hungry Froggy and Her Merry Men No Frogs!  Frog Legs <3 That?s cannibalism!  Towel-Fu Rocks From the Gap With Love Celestial Pain Froggy and her Emo Men then? I said no frogs!  Gap Express <3 Marsh-Mal-lows perhaps? Towel Circus?  Pain and Peaches! We are not naming this team PEACHES!  Huh? Wut?!  Densha Otome, desho? Ministry of Corn, because The Amphibian Movement Will you people make up your mind? Froggy and?. Shut up!  FUBAR, the team that runs on tea, sake, peaches, and general madness.

It?s easy enough to explain away the reason why such an unlikely cast managed to come together to form this traveling circus of a team ? they were all victims of fate?

?or so they claim?

But that?s a lie. That?s a terrible lie.

The truth is, fate doesn?t do shit like this. It wont' touch shit like this with a 20 foot pole and a biohazard suit. Rather, it takes shit like this and shoots it at heavy booster units and watches to see what comes out the other side.

No, they came together because nobody else wants them on their teams. Yes, this is the reject pile, by rejects, for rejects.

Nobody wants Suwako because she?s made of concentrated sugar, topped with sugar, with a side of sugar. They say that the reason the Noble White lacked a pilot up till now is because whoever tried, male or female, would either die in a diabetic coma or moe-splode majorly. Some people, who other people consider insane, say that the Noble White?s so-called nosebleed buster cannon is an actual nosebleed shed by some poor unlucky sod stuck in the same cockpit as Suwako.  Besides, she talks to her Nachtmare and shares her cookies and milk with it. That?s creepy.

Nobody wants Yukari because she?s a manipulative middle-aged b**** who can?t stop chuckling ominously at every single little thing you say, as if every little breath you?re taking is a step closer to some giant mousetrap she kindly set up for you. Besides, she has a bad habit of molesting anything and everything, male or female, living or inanimate. She's so infamous that she has been banned for life from every single public bath in Gensokyo. Nobody wants to be stuck in the same ship as her, let alone the same cockpit.

Nobody wants Tenshi because all she has in her brain is peach puree and all she ever wishes is to be made into peach puree. Nobody else could get so bored that they?d stick their hand in a cageful of hungry weasels on purpose. Besides, nobody could stand that godawful racket of a song she always plays when she?s co-piloting, something titled ?Get Down? or similar. Some believe it?s a form of psychological warfare. Some (more rightly) believe that she simply enjoys the painful headache. Many believe this is specifically the reason why the Celestials dumped her and left her with the Gensokyoites - to spare themselves the agony while slowly killing the Gensokyoites through mind-rape.

Nobody wants Trent because he?s a Trent.

While none of them seem to be aware of this fact, they still seem to stick together somehow. Was it the tea and sake? Was it the cake? Or was it the general lack of actual leadership in the team that kept them together? Well, Tenshi would like to think she's the leader. Yukari thinks she's manipulating Tenshi into believing she's the leader while following her whims. Suwako knows better though....'kero~'. As for Trent, he's just following the voice of the towel which is telling him that there might be cake and frog legs for him at the end of this, no matter how much Suwako tells him otherwise....

Fun Facts:
Additional Information/Background/History:
This is the story of how the universe's biggest moron managed to get onboard a mecha.

Raised in the dingy backstreets of the Jupiter atmospheric mining colony Antillia I, he had been tempered very early on in his life by the harshness of day to day survival amongst the rough miners, rogues, thugs, pink hippos, red elephants, pancakes and occasional ex-cons from the nearby Io prison complex. When Antillia 1 was raided and practically destroyed by a terrorist invasion from the Europan Rebellion and the ensuing crossfire between them and the URJ military, he was taken in by the Europan Rebels as a child soldier at the age of 13.

....oh boy, did the Europan rebels regret it....they didn't know what hit them until it was too late...

From then on he was tempered into a hardened(?) footsoldier capable of braving(??) the fiercely cold tundras of Europa to fight on foot against the better-equipped URJ military who wielded Solar Frames. Hundreds of them would go out against small URJ skirmish squadrons and only a handful would come home each day (nobody ever said it was the URJ who wiped them out...). It was a powerful, cruel system of natural selection, ensuring that only the hardiest soldiers would survive to fight on. The others simply suffered from unmanly things like, y'know, 'death'.

It wasn't long before he was able to start selling his services to the highest bidder as a mercenary (mostly cause nobody wanted him for any longer than they needed). He fought for both the URJ, the other factions intervening in the conflict, and even the Europan rebels despite the fact that they a bunch of soddin' giraffes had ruined his life. It didn't matter. Their cash was as cold and green and nice-smelling as everybody else's. Before long, he had become known and feared as the 'Frame Reaper', the foot-soldier with the biggest track record of frame kills and survival. 

Again, probably because he was the only nutjob crazy enough to continue fighting on foot. He is also the reason frame pilots would flinch at the sight of towels.

That was until the Invasion on Avalon where he was commissioned jointly by the Martian Foundries Corporation and the Terran Munitions Corporation. In an elaborate plan to take over the Avalon colony ship, which was orbiting Mars just behind Deimos at the time, he was set-up as a terrorist attempting to use Avalon in an orbital-drop to attack the MFC (it wasn't difficult. He already looked insane enough for the job). Using the terrorist occupation as an excuse to 'secure' Avalon, Avalon was successfully raided by the MFC and taken over. However, the MFC apparently violated the terms of their agreement with TMC by attacking first, and the captured Avalon was caught in a heavy crossfire between the two.

To make matters worse, the leaders and representatives of the many havens were meeting onboard the Avalon at the time to discuss the possibility of a coalition to defend against the ruling corporations. With them captured and all now suspecting the others of foul-play, the coalition was now anything but a fleeting dream. A certain Yukari Yakumo, leader of the Gensokyo Colony Ship, and Tenshi Hinanai, representative of the Celestial Haven, 'Takamagahara', were but a few of those captured in the invasion.

Animosity and distrust towards the Gensokyo Haven was already rife amongst the the higher-ups of other havens at the time, and public opinion was very much against trusting Gensokyo and its rather devious leader, Yukari Yakumo. Many decided to declare this a trap set up by the infamous Yukari who had worked hard to gather the leaders to hold alliance negotiations. They thusly declared war on Gensokyo. Little did they know that they were all being manipulated by the corporations into fighting amongst themselves.

Tenshi, on the other hand, was working in close conjunction with Suwako's task force by providing advice on earthquake management, while taking part in the alliance talks. She wasn't all too happy with regards to working with Gensokyo, however, mostly due to her hostile stance towards Yukari Yakumo and her ways.

However, the Kami of 'Takamagahara' took this opportunity to declare a holy cleansing of all 'lesser races', essentially a war of mass genocide. They declared Tenshi a war hero for being the first to sacrifice her life in their 'holy war' and vowed vengeance upon the lesser races who had dared lay hands upon one of heaven. Tenshi, realizing that she had been used as a pawn to start a war of cleansing, realized that she must somehow stop the Takamagahara. The worst part was that this meant working together with Yukari as the Takamagahara's first target was the Gensokyo mana core, with which they would be able to power their Ama-no uki-hashi, the floating bridge of Heaven, to begin their holy war proper.

Suwako Moriya was onboard the Avalon at the time, acting as a part of a joint goodwill task force from Gensokyo and the Celestial Haven in helping the Avalon colony build more shock and earthquake-resistant structures for the anticipated conflict against the corporations. Suwako, however, was captured along with her construction Nachtmare, Noble White, on charges of terrorism, along with a large number of the Avalon population.

That was how Trent and Suwako met, on death row onboard the MFC land-cruiser Vallas Marineris, awaiting their eventual trial/execution.

Mech Name: Noble White AKA Shirayuki (Snow White)
It has a cool name. But that's where it ends. It's a pile of moving junk.

No, it doesn't shoot laser beams out of its eyes. It does not transform into some sort of animal or vehicle. It doesn't even have the obligatory rocket punch.

The Shirayuki was originally an old construction Nachtmare belonging to Suwako. It was used mainly to drive piles for foundations on land, particularly in earthquake prone regions, which was Suwako's specialty. It was mainly piloted by Suwako. However, it soon had its first taste of combat during the Avalon Invasion incident when it had to make do with stolen weapons to escape the captured Avalon. That was when its surprising aptitude for combat (read:rampant unchecked mass devastation) was discovered. After all, destruction was simply construction done in reverse, right? It was faster, easier, and more fun too.

It was later fitted many different configurations that can be altered outside battle by fitting the base frame with a variety of armour and equipment for maximum tactical efficiency. Requires loading and unloading of armour and equipment so switching configurations can take hours.

Mech Name: Noble White - Zero Mode
Designed mostly for high speed operations in high-mission-value environments, designed to deliver maximum devastation while limiting damage to the combat environment. Can also be used for duelling.

Mecha Type: Light
Right Hand:
Left Hand:
Holstered Right Hand:
Heavy Energy Melee Armament - Beam Parasol 3 WP
One of Kawashiro Heavy Industries' latest, most advanced products, the prototype X-Kp-Y22-Ls Lightweight Beam Parasol, a powerful melee beam weapon that doubles as a beam shield when open as well as a beam scythe when partially activated.

Holstered Left Hand:
Right Arm:
Light Energy Melee Armament - Laser Pile Driver 1 WP
Kawashiro Heavy Industries Kp-077-Ls Tengu Talon Mk II, an arm-mounted laser pile driver, modified for higher charged photon density and improved cooling time. 

Left Arm:
Light Energy Melee Armament - Laser Pile Driver 1 WP

Right Shoulder:
Left Shoulder:
Unique Equipment - Zero Shift (Instantaneous Movement) 5 WP
Yukari Yakumo's and Nitori Kawashiro's personal invention, created with the help of Sakuya Izayoi, Eirin Yagokoro and Kaguya Houraisan. The prototype Zero Shift Core allows limited dilation of time and compression of space, thus allowing the mecha to cover large distances in a straight line almost instantaneously. There are plans to further develop the Zero Shift Core and channel its power into a proper weapon, the so-called Vector Cannon.
Left Leg:
Right Leg:

Mech Name: Noble White - Striker Mode
The Noble White configured for deep insertion reconnaissance, scouting, and both close and long-range assassination.

Mecha Type: Medium
Right Hand: 
Medium Laser Ranged Armament - Laser Sniper Rifle 2 WP

Left Hand:
Medium Equipment - Solid Shield 2WP

Holstered Right Hand:
Medium Solid Melee Armament - Sword 2WP
Kawashiro Heavy Industries Custom Weapon X-Kp-H79-Sd Sword of Hisou.

Holstered Left Hand:
Right Arm:
Left Arm:
Right Shoulder:
Light Support System - Long Range Radar Unit

Left Shoulder:
Heavy Support System - Radar Stealth Device 3WP

Left Leg:
Right Leg:

Mech Name: Noble White - Tempest Mode
The Noble White outfitted for anti-Frame combat, fitted with rapid, highly accurate armour-piercing ranged weapons and highly mobile melee weapons.

Mecha Type: Heavy
Right Hand:
Medium Laser Ranged Armament - Laser Assault Rifle 2WP
Kawashiro Heavy Industries Kp-501-Ls Igelstellung Laser Assault Rifle, modified for higher energy capacity, accuracy and more efficient cooling, allowing longer sustained fire.

Left Hand:
Medium Laser Ranged Armament - Solid Round Assault Rifle 2WP
Kawashiro Heavy Industries Kp-501-Sd Isolde Solid Round Assault Rifle, modified for higher rate of fire, less recoil, expanded cartridge, and faster reload time.

Holstered Right Hand:
Light Laser Melee Armament - Laser Dagger 1WP
Holstered Left Hand:
Right Arm:
Left Arm:
Light Solid Melee Armament - Progressive Dagger 1WP

Right Shoulder:
Heavy Solid Ranged Armament - Missile Pack 3 WP

Left Shoulder:
Backpack: Light support  equipment - Light Veneer Booster Pack 1 WP
Left Leg:
Right Leg:

Mech Name: Noble White - Dreadnought Mode
The Noble White equipped for anti-fleet combat, outfitted with armour designed to withstand capital ship artillery batteries and weaponry designed to essentially outgun a battlecruiser. This is the dreadnought battlecruiser packed into a nutshell.

Mecha Type: Very Heavy
Right Hand:
Left Hand:
Holstered Right Hand:
Holstered Left Hand:
Right Arm:
Medium Solid Ranged Armament - Minigun 2WP
Kawashiro Heavy Industries Kp-323-Sd Solid Shell Rotary Cannon. Fires 110mm depleted uranium artillery rounds.

Left Arm:
Medium Laser Ranged Armament - Minigun 2WP
Kawashiro Heavy Industries Kp-676-Ls Plasma Rotary Cannon.

Right Shoulder:
Heavy Energy Ranged Armament - Beam Cannon 3 WP
Kawashiro Heavy Industries X-Kp-979-Ls Tannh?user Prototype Shoulder-mounted Buster Beam Array.

Left Shoulder:
Heavy Solid Ranged Armament - Railgun 3 WP
Kawashiro Heavy Industries X-Kp-828-Sd Neidhart Prototype Shoulder-mounted Railgun.

Left Leg:
Right Leg:
Claiming Wriggle, Yorihime and Ruukoto for now.  Will work on my character later~
Caber Knight Etch-A-Sketch:
Name: Forte Zokuranu
Theme song (hell why not?): TRANS-AM Raiser
Call sign: Full Moon
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Strength: Naturally quick reflexes.
Weakness: Cannot stand hot foods. A little hot-headed, ironically.
Home: (former) Lunar Colony / (current) Colony Ship Gensokyo
Visual Description: 6'0", Black hair, slightly tanned.
Personality: Strong sense of Justice. Pretty upbeat about most things.
Partners: Marisa Kirisame, Nazrin, Alice Margatroid
Co-pilot: Marisa Kirisame
Analyst: Nazrin
Engineer: Alice Margatroid

History/Background: Forte Zokuranu was born and raised on the Lunar Colony. He grew up to be an ordinary boy with a mild interest in shoot-em-up games. At the age of 19 he was drafted into the LC military during one of the more intense battles between the LC and the TMC. Forte showed that he did not take very well care of the mecha he was assigned to, as the number of weapons and components lost in battle, including an energy sword and a number of arm components, grew. This did not mean that he did not get the job done.

Seeing potential in the young pilot, in what is still debated as a questionable action, the high commaders of the military assigned Forte to be a member of a special strikeforce. This strikeforce became known as the Ravagers. Forte took part in a number of missions, and everytime he came back, the Mecha he piloted had to be overhauled. In the latter half of his career as a Ravager, Forte obtained a number of weapons.

In a scuffle with Terran forces, Forte hunkered down in the blindspot of a Terran Destroyer and picked off Shock Attack Mechas equiped with Bunkerbusters. Blinded by rage, the leader of the group charged and attempted to strike Forte's machine with the Bunkerbuster. Getting out of the way at the last minute, Forte let the mecha strike the destroyer. The resulting explosion decommissioned both machines. Miraculously, the Bunkerbuster survived the destruction and Forte took the weapon for his own uses.

In another battle, a Martian fleet was spotted heading towards an important LC convoy. The fighting was fierce as Mechas were forced to face off against Cruiser Class warships. In the end, the Ravagers destroyed the fleet, but not without losing their commander. The members of the strikesquad nominated Forte to be the next commander. As his first action, he outfitted the Garunda with a modified railgun from one of the ruined destroyers.

During their final mission, the Ravagers were sent in as reenforcements to counteract a force of Terran aces attempting to find the Cratios Research Facility, which housed top secret weaponry. The garrisons stationed at the facility were not enough, as was evident by the squad of seven smashing the garrison forces.

This squad of seven were unlike anything Forte had encountered. Their mechas were as fast as, no probably faster than, Forte's machine. It was only by a stroke of luck that Forte managed to take down one of the enemy mechas. infamous Terran or not, Forte was determined to win. Although victorious, it did not seem that way. Many Ravagers were lost in the battle, and Forte almost lost his life while battling the attackers, his mecha being nearly obliterated by the leader.

The Ravager strikeforce was soon disbanded, and the pilots returned to normal military sevice. Forte retained his rank, which was the equivalent to a standard Captain. With his machine equiped with the latest LC technology had to offer and the looted weapons, Forte spent his days in sevice patroling as well as the occasional battle. Nothing too out of the ordinary until that fateful day...

Team history: (to be updated.)

Fun Facts:Forte has never let go of the original mecha he obtained during his time as a Ravager. It may have undergone many changes and overhauls, but the original frame is still there. What was left of it, that is.

Forte sometimes finds himself in rather "compromising positions" when talking to people of the opposite gender. Some call it a gift while Forte calls it a curse, as it just doesn't seem right...

Mecha type: Modified LSM-38 Garunda (Medium)

-The LSM-38 Garunda is the pinicale of LC Technology. Unlike it's heavier equivalents, the Garunda is immensly swift. It embodies all the traits of what is seen as a powerful mech by Lunar Corporation standards: great agility and striking swiftly. Only 20 of these mechas have been built, as each one is a peice of art made by master artisans. Forte recieved one when he bagame a member of the Ravagers, but it had to be overhauled and strengthened as Forte had it equiped with a number of weapons unsuitable for the frame, including a modified ship gun. It's most recent addition is a deep scan radar, made for recon.

Right Hand: Bunkerbuster Piledriver (medium solid melee)
-A modified version of the Terran Bunkerbuster. It was salvaged from the wreck of a Terran mecha in a previous battle. The inertia of the ram has been increased greatly and the ram has been charged with energy, making it very powerful. Energy crackles around it, acting like a defensive weapon. It is rather unstable, however.

Left Hand: Lunar Rapid-release Plasma Gun (medium energy ranged)
-A weapon recently cleared for field use. Plasma rounds are noted for their high penetration capabilities. The principle of ancient gattling guns have been applied to the weapon, creating a fearsome weapon. The shortened barrels allow the weapon to be used in tight spots. This has little effect on accuracy, despite what many would think. The bottom half of the weapon is outfitted it a large metal plate which functions as a shield. It is able to withstand most standard weapons, but it cannot stop heavier ordinance.

Left Shoulder: Aries-Pattern Rail Gun (heavy solid ranged)
-A massive weapon that was salvaged from a ruined MFC destroye, given to Forte as a reward for eing the one to ruin it. It was modified for use on the LSM-38 Garunda. The Railgun was modified to fire charged rounds at incredible velocities. It is generally advised that the mech be stationary when firing the Railgun, but the Garunda seems to have held up firing the gun while moving.

Backpack: Overthruster (medium support)
-The Lunar Corporation Overthruster enhances the speed of mechs greatly, improving turning speeds. Recent observations have noted Light mechas outfitted with LC Overthrusters to run circles around Terran and Martian equivalents. It tends to overheat, so other systems have to be turned off in order to use the overthruster's full potential.

Head: Deep-Scan Radar (light support)
-The Garunda is outfitted with the most thorough radar available in the LC armoury. The DSR is used for recon as well as determining enemy load-outs. This helps to know how to fight against rival mechs. Deep-Scan Radars also pinpoint weakpoints in enemy armor, as well as aid the targeting computer in tracking most targets. Unfortunatly it is unable to track enemy shots, beyond missles at a relativly close range.

Nightmare Frame: G-24 Midnight Sun ( Medium )

-The G-24 Midnight Sun is a rather unusual Nightmare. At the request of Marisa, this Nightmare was made as a single-seater. What is more unusual is it's ability to merge with other Frames, both Nightmare and Solar. It has little armaments as it relys on what it finds. After it combined with the LSM-38 Garunda, it mysteriously loses it's ability to merge with other frames.

Current Equipment:

Right Hand: Bunkerbuster Piledriver
Left Hand: Lunar Rapid-release Plasma Gun
Holstered Right Hand:
Holstered Left Hand:
Right Arm:
Left Arm:
Right Shoulder:
Left Shoulder: Aries-Pattern Rail Gun
Backpack: Overthruster
Head: Deep-Scan Radar
Left Leg:
Right Leg:

10/13 WP used
The homebase starship setting:

Our homebase will be the Gensokyo. It is mostly a small colony ship with a gigantic biodome housing Gensokyo itself, still the beloved paradise of human, youkai, fairies, etc. alike. The ship was built on the behest of Yukari, who, fearing for Gensokyo's safety, had the entire land be loaded onto a starship built with divine kappa ingenuity and sent out to the farther reaches of the solar system.

The starship deck beyond the biodome houses many useful facilities such as the command bridge, war room, hangar bay, engine room, etc. But most importantly, it houses the 'Divine Mana Core', a powerful artifact which made the Starship Gensokyo possible. The Divine Mana Core is a nigh inexhaustible source of power which powers the biodome and provides it with everything it needs to sustain itself.

...which is perhaps what made the starship the target of the many factions that now inhabit the solar system...for the Divine Mana Core is the key to solving their Resource War, born of the scarcity of natural resources and the imminent doom of the destruction of the human race.

Now the ship and its brave pilots must fight to defend their home, their lives, and their future...
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