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What do you mean? They're right with all the others.

The ones he has at the bottom here are optional gameplay changes. The last tier of weapon skills is known to be so difficult to reach that you'll probably never see it even with notable grinding, which is why there's a patch lowering requirements, and one that makes it exclusively based off enemy level instead. Detailed patch just includes more skill power info in their skill descriptions, instead of stuff like "Power:Medium" "Power:Medium+". Go with whatever you like.

--- Quote from: Validon98 on June 24, 2016, 08:04:00 PM ---Devil of Decline ~ Banquet

All patches are for version 3.03 of Devil of Decline.

Version 0.01

Faster Element Leveling Patch (Half Requirements)
Faster Element Leveling Patch (Adjusted Curve), includes Detailed Patch (still in beta, weapon descriptions not changed, some typos in skill descriptions)
Faster Element Leveling Patch (Adjusted Curve) with no Element Level Spark requirement, includes beta Detailed Patch

--- End quote ---
Isn't that the translation patch? I'm speaking of official updates. Or at least I need know which is the last version available of the game. Mine is 3.0.3.
Oooh, I see. 3.03 is probably the latest; but even if it isn't, the patch as quoted says it's for 3.03, so it wouldn't function if you updated farther.
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