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StB English Patch Part 2: ~Electric Boogaloo~
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Guess I'll just pick up where I left off...

Today I was able to package everything into a single exe, which means I finally have a patch that I can distribute.  The release will not be far off, but there are still a few things to do, namely:

* Getting some preliminary installation/robustness testing done
* Going over the game's text for typos, grammatical issues, etc
* Securing some hosting, hopefully through gensokyo.org
* Making the exe smaller (currently at about 5 mb w/compression, I think it could be whittled down a tad more)
* Making the external datpacker into a python module so it can be better integrated into the install process

I thank those of you who have been patient so far, and ask you to wait just a little bit longer.

Also, once I have the patch released, I plan on making the all the source code available as well (ideally on the wiki).  I know there was a thread about creating translation patches in non-English languages, so this would include the .txt script files and translated .png files as well.  Ideally all you would have to do is translate these files and reassemble the patch  (instructions will be included) and you'd be good to go.
Eh heh, sorry for making a thread before you.

--- Quote from: nintendonut888 on April 25, 2009, 08:53:55 PM ---Eh heh, sorry for making a thread before you.

--- End quote ---

Don't sweat it, but man that timing was uncanny
drywall, thanks so much for making this patch!
Of all things to see referenced o.o

Anyway, huzzah!  8D Looks like my laptop got fixed just in time, so I'll be looking forward to it :3 Again, I'd help in any way I could.  If I could, that is.  I tend to be utterly useless however.
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