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Are there free to use boss sprites for Suwako anywhere? I wouldn't be too surprised if there aren't but if there are I would like to know. Also, Alphes and Dairi's portraits say that commercial use is prohibited. Does that just mean that they can't be used in anything that is being sold or does it mean anything that is in a distributed file? I would think that it would mean the latter but if it does then it wouldn't make sense to link to them since we can't use them.
The link to the Japanese danmakufu wiki lists KMAP's sprites, among which there is Suwako:

In both cases of kaoru (not alphes) and dairi they are not for use in works being sold in general. Also do not rehost them.
[this doesn't count as resurrecting an old thread since it's a sticky thread, right?]
So, I was originally using a very high-quality Touhou-style bullet sheet but apparently the creator of the bullet sheet decided a few months ago that they didn't want anybody using their sprites, so I've got to find a new one. Macenight's sheet is pretty good, but I'm not quite satisfied with it. I was wondering though, does anybody know whether it's allowed to take sprites from other fangames? So, say I were to take the bullet sprites from Shining Shooting Star. Would those assets be not allowed for non-commercial use? I feel like that wouldn't be allowed but I also don't know of anything that would make that be the case, so I figured that I'd ask just to be sure.
With these fangames where the contents are open, there is typically a readme describing permissions and/or a list of credits given to the respective artists (at which point you check the source). If there isn't one (as in the case with SSS as far as I know), by default you haven't received permission. You could try contacting the developers or something, but they are Chinese, so.
Does anyone know a place where I can pick up an Orin cat sound effect?
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