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※How to make Touhou derived work - Doujin & ZUN's Touhou guidelines
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Helepolis, I think you need to give an actual definition of doujin (and explanation that Touhou itself is one) at the start, before you start explaining how it differs from other stuff. :V Particularly since a lot of people still think it refers only to derivative works.
Maybe worth mentioning some stuff in the West that would be considered doujin - anime fansubs, Artist's Alleys at conventions, some webcomics, etc.

--- Quote from: crescentia on January 26, 2015, 01:28:44 AM ---For instance, there are some notable examples that directly contradict the guideline that Doujin works cannot become Indie works (or any other type of commercial works)
--- End quote ---
Since this chart came up in response to a derivative work, it's possible that Ruw meant you can have a doujin that's a derivative work of someone else's indie project but not the other way around.
Moogs Parfait:
Ruw also stated in one of the reply tweets that it was a simplified view and there there would of course be exceptions
I also brought up the case of Type-Moon to him, and he clarified that he was talking specifically about works and not companies.

And "pure" doujin can't become indie because, at least in the example above, he meant stuff like fanworks, be it Touhou, anime, or any IP you don't own.

I'm still not 100% sure of why Cave Story doesn't fall in the middle along with Touhou, but that chart shouldn't be taken as gospel truth or anything.

--- Quote from: Helepolis on January 24, 2015, 03:15:35 PM ---It is preferable to not call your work "Touhou XXX". In a 2013 seminar, ZUN said he considered making this a rule, but didn't do it.
--- End quote ---

I don't know about other people, but this sentence had me stumped until I remember the way each installment is named.

So I think this should say something along the lines of "Try to not use the same 'Touhou + 3 other kanji' naming system that the official games use."

--- Quote ---It is preferable to not call your work "Touhou XXX".
--- End quote ---
Great. There goes the name for my adult-oriented Touhou fangame... =(

But seriously, I understand it's "discouraged" but how does this work in the case someone wishes to use "Touhou" in the name of their fangame? Should it be accompanied with a mandatory clear and visible disclaimer that the game isn't an official Touhou game? Seems to me like that would clear things up..... Or is it best to just avoid the use of "Touhou" in the title alltogether, with "preferable" being a subtle way of saying "don't do it, period"?
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