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Suika Fortress - Year 11: Game has come to an end
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Hey everyone, Totaku here.

I come here today to begin my own game project that I became influenced after playing Ramus?s Crawl Relay. The name of this game project will be called?.

Suika Fortress!

So you may be wonder what is this Suika Fortress all about?

Well if your familiar with a game called Dwarf Fortress then it?s basiclly that except it?s been modified with have Suikas instead of Dwarves.

What's Dwarf Fortress?

Think of it as what would happen if you?re cross together Dungeon Crawler with the Sims. Basiclly your trying to help your dwarves make a living by building a fortress and help them be able to survive against just about anything. Wether it be Elephants, Unicorns, Goblins, you name it. And at the same time, make sure they can survive, get food and water and be comfortable and happy as possible.

In Suika Fortress, we do pretty much the same thing, except it?s with Suikas, and most of our livestock and predators are yukkuri, though there are some animals out there too?

It?s also important to note that every Suika has their own personality and quarks too so be alert with how they behave too. :P

What does it look like?

Imagine a world full a Suikas mining caves, managing yukkuri, and all sort of other things just to making a living and survive. The game flows in real time and you will spend your time managing the activities and actions the Suikas do. You can pause it however if you need to plan things out. Before letting the game continue. It should look something like this,

All these nice graphics while they attempt to build a fortress. It should be fun to see how this develops? and yes I created the suika graphic tile sprites for this(there are some animals though from another creator, but hey, it adds flavor).

The interface mainly consist of the following:

On the left is the activity screen where you can watch the mini suikas as they run around doing what they do best. Get drunk and work. :P

The middle is the menu, you will be pressing the keys to that cordinate with what every option you want to select, this is vital for especially because you will need to tell the mini suikas what to do.

And on your right is the map or your region. Here you'll see that suikas are marked in red while other creatures are in read. While it may look simple it's important to know that the map consist of many levels and to alternate between the levels you'll have to press the < or > keys to work with them.

I'll be covering some more as I play the game...

Where can I get the game? What version do I need?

For what I?m doing with this project I will ask that you use Mayday?s Tile version of Dwarf Fortress v0.28.181.40d11

You can download the complete tile game with the modded files here. (File updated for the second time!)

Or if you preffer you can get the original tile game from mayday?s site (incase things don?t work) you can go here and DL the latest version here:

If you get the game from Mayday?s site you will need to DL this sprite sheet and files I put together and replace all the files in the raw folder with these. So far, I?ve tested it and all of it works. Here?s the link to the modded files for the game:
http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?gnzzmmdmumt (File updated!)

How do I adjust the screen size?

It is important to note that in order to change the window size you will need to go into the data folder of the dwarf fortress files and select the init folder and then open init.txt.

From there you will have to go down to [GRAPHICS_WINDOWX: ]and [GRAPHIC_WINDOWY: ] and change the number that the colon to change the window size like for example:

--- Code: ---[GRAPHICS_WINDOWEDX:1280]

--- End code ---
And for the full screen make sure you know what the full screen resolution of your computer is and then go to [GRAPHICS_FULLSCREENX:]and [GRAPHICS_FULLSCREENY:] and insert the number in the respected areas after the colon to make the file work on full screen for example my full screen resolution is 1280 x 1024 so:

--- Code: ---[GRAPHICS_FULLSCREENX:1280]

--- End code ---

Want more tiles on your new screen size? You can adjust it on the [GRID:#:#] and [FULLGRID:#:#] you?ll have to tweak with this a little to make the size work for example:

--- Code: ---[GRID:80:50]
--- End code ---

If for some reason you want to adjust other features, that?s up to you, but personally it should work for most here.

This game seems hard, it there an easier way to understand it?

Well, it is somewhat hard at the start, even the tutorial only gives you enough info just to start and learn the simple basics. But if you feel you want to learn more things without as much struggle then to the Dwarf Fortress Wiki here.

Here you?ll find pretty much all the ins and out about how everything works in the game. It?s rather useful so I highly recommend looking through it when you having trouble. Pretty much everything from this wiki will apply to Suika Fortress as well. Just remember though, while it's important to understand the game it's also important to now cheat either and spoil yourself from the real adventure of Dwarf Fortress cause after all one thing they always say is..."Losing is Fun!

So how?s the process going to work?

For right now I?m am going to give you some time to get familiar with the game if you haven?t already played it, but at the same time, I?ll ask you all to begin signing up while I start writing the story to Suika Fortress. I will be the first one to go so I can show you some of the basics.

When the game starts we will have a land that is created and all who are interested can decide on which part of the land the Suikas will settle in to create their fortress.

Because I want the Suikas to be able to have an exciting adventure, I would like to settle if possible to go for a large grid but I will settle on a grid as low as 5x5 in term of our land space. Cause that should have more than enough animals to keep everyone busy.
I will explain more about game length later?

Once that is decided, we have to decide how the Suikas will plan for their trip. In terms of their occupations, and what supplies they will carry. This is very important in the beginning and we shall discuss this before we go on.

After we complete these steps we will begin the gamplay...

Gameplay rules

We shall play Suika Fortress as a succession game. When the game begins, you will have one year to do whatever you got to do to help your Suikas develop their fortress. Get materials, build things, fight creatures, whatever. During the run you should take pictures of some of the events that unfold during your year. Try to update periodicly as I know a year takes a while go through. Because speed can vary based on one?s computer, I will give the player one week (7 days) to complete the task, and if an extension is needed, he or she must provide an update with pictures on where he or she is at so I know where they stand. And if progress that is made shows some promise of progress I will allow another 2 days of extension.

The players turn will come to an end when the Lily White comes along and announces that ...

or rather ?Spring has arrived!? which will appear at the bottom of the game window.

From there you must pause and save your game. To do that press escape, and then go down the menu and select  "Save game and press enter. And then take the save file which is located in  data -> saves -> Reigon folder. Take the region folder that contains the Suika Fortress data and then zip it (or rar it) and upload it to Mediafire, Rapidshare or the like. Once it's saved you turn is done.

The next person will then take the Region folder and place it in save folder and start off the game and continue from there till the next spring.

Because the game lasts for a long time we will end the game under two conditions:

1.We create an epic Suika fortress
2.The Suika Fortress dies in an epic death (ala boatmurdered or something along the line)

Say like maybe in 15-20 years in game time maybe. By then we will have done most of everything that we can do with it. But then again who knows? it'll depend on how many people decide to participate in this too.

If for some reason the Suika Fortress dies way before the 15-20 years has passed. Then that players turn will end and the next player will use the last save and continue from there until the next Spring.

Finally if the person is unable to complete the run in time, his run will be nulled as we will return to the last save?

Also it is important to know that you can resign yourself up for another round though you will be placed on the bottom of the waiting list and I will contact you when your turn is up.

Can I still participate in it even if I?m not playing?

OF course! As I said, I want the player to make some updates as they go through their adventure building the fortress you can give your own thoughts and suggestions at the time that?s posted. Also because we have so many Suikas to deal with maybe we can give them ?nicknames? to make them stand out. :P That always helps.

Can I run the fortress to the ground?

No! Don?t destroy to fortress on purpose, it ruins the fun of having ?fun? Rather try to do whatever you can to survive and if the death comes upon, we can understand. If the player intentionally tries to destroy the fortress on purpose too many time, they will be removed from the game.

Did you make these sprites?

Well I made all the Suikas and Yukkutri sprites, so yes I?m responsible for those. All the other creatures are Maydays?s work. He should earn the credit for making a tile of  the Dwarf Fortress version possible for me to do Suika Fortress.

Some text appears odd / sprites have an odd color.

 If that?s the case, send me a picture so I can look into the problem. It?s important for me to look into it. As I had to work on this alone with only advice and feedback from the IRC gang. And if I fix the problem, I?ll post an updated file to insert into the files and graphics.

I have suggestion for other things to add.

Don?t be afraid if you got an idea of what I could add into Suika Fortress let me know I can see about working it out possiblely. Just remember I?m also a busy man so be patient.

Can I have an adventure instead?

Orginally I was not exactly in favor of this, but decided later to let it happen. But as of right now I want to point out. Our priority is to build an awesome Suika Fortress! I will be limiting it to two adventures. So if you all want to embark on an adventure we must meet a few conditions...

First we must give the fortress building team 5 years to add to the fortress.

Then afterward the next person who signed up for an adventure must do the following....

He must make his way to the Suika fortress and explore it. See what happend to the fortress note the changes and what occurs. That's basiclly it. You'll have 7 days to do the task. Afterward your turn is over no extra days for this one. Do not embark on any quest, your only objective is to find the fortress, explore it, and plunder it's goods.

Afterward you adventure is technically over. And we will return to building till the next person in the rotation for adventuring takes his turn.

As for now it?s time begin signing up!

Player List (Those who signed up to play):

1. Totaku
2. Purvis
3. Ramus (Adventuring)
4. Seven Orange Clouds
5. T34G3
Spectators (Those who are watching the events unfold):
1. Rika
2. Zengar Shishioh
3. Mind the Gap
4. Barasia
5. Astral Pancakes (via IRC)
6. Khorneish Game Hen
7. Jan-san
8. Serpentarius


Year 1: The Seven Little Suika embark, make a new home, and deal with thief problems
Year 2: Purvis dealing with constant issues, Suika's start acting crazy and making masterpieces and Forest Fires!
Year 3: The day in the life of a bookkeeper's journal, a cool execution chamber and the why yukkuris wear pants. :P
Intermission: Ramus embarks on a small journey to the Suika Fortress and then falls into lava and dies.
Year 4: Digging underground mines, Mayor Purvis demands Copper maces. and the first major biokkuri assult
Year 5: Operation: BRIDGE OF DEATH and Operation: Obsidian Farm take place!
Year 6: Baroness comes to Beer Axe! HARUMPing her way one step at a time and beer shortages
Year 7: The Parseekkuris threaten BeerAxe and Project BRIDGE OF DEATH's completion!
Intermission 2: Ramus's embarks on a long trip to beeraxe! Kills wolves and a guildmens in the process!
Year 8: Parsees attempt to set a tree cutting quota, cowardly biokkuri, and the attack of the vicious Moko-tan
Year 9: Mayor Purvis's plans to thrawl the Parseekkuri's contract, renovation of the countress's room, and the mass yukkuri butchering
Year 10: Testing participants with the Bridge of death! Unique digging designs, and the tragic death of Serpantarius....

I will be preparing the story while you all sign up for the game. It'll take some time so feel free to learn about the game if you haven't played it and have fun?Otherwise please be patient.
Hello Purvis:
This may be the first time I don't snort derisively at people for using a tileset.

--- Quote from: Purjewry on August 09, 2009, 09:18:49 PM ---This may be the first time I don't snort derisively at people for using a tileset.

--- End quote ---

Same here.  Sign me up.  We might as well also name each Suika after a volunteering forum member.
Hello Purvis:
You know what? I want in on this.


This has all the stuff ready to go, right?
I'd like to sign up if I can go closer to the end of the list. I'm inactive enough as it is, and I need to learn how to play first as well.
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