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RPG - Waking Up From the Dream (Summary/Status Update Thread)
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To Do List...
Rest at Hot Spring done
Ask Zei if he still wants to head to my estatedone
Give another layer of mana to ward off hunger a bit more to the girls done
Get to a restaurant and introduce Pizza to them done
Get home and introduce Pearl (and her role for the story) done
After that anything is in the air
Basically my main goal now is to get home to a place safe to let them rest for a while

Edit: alright now that THAT'S taken care of i'll have to think up new plans. I'm at a safe haven with my party and Zei's and anythin that happens now is up for grabs (meaning i don't knwo what to do yet XD)
Tasks on the way:

Train so that he could crumble fortifications with either the fire or lightning. may or may not succeed. (range: 15 m)

Keep Eirin alive.

Will probably set up a clinic or pharmacy at the shrine.

Will keep shady drugs to a minimum until Eirin can survive the waiting period between his death and regeneration.

Try to horn in on that nautically flavored racket. (Will join escapees on raid of the armory. Will have smoke bombs and cloaked mana from a well tested drug.)

Deal with the aftermath of that dream, Eirin's not feeling too well. (I realized that while knowing that there is a problem is the first step, the second step is identifying the problem correctly. This I did not do. Eirin's feelings are of isolation and recrimination. Dealing with the first, have no idea on the second. May need an intervention.)
- - -
my to do lists


- bring daiyousei and the 3 fairys into a more active storyline role

- offering to have him help train Mitaka to be a better his mana supply to his links

- intensting Alex's relationship with Lily Black

in the Rai force 1 thread


- tighten his hold over Yuka.

- reveal more about Yagi.

- go on their first mission together.
Ah, yes the other


Working on the application of magic through infusion. The Mana generators will prove useful, but he want to know how to extract natural mana, or where it is stored.

Is his own test subject for very low dose trails of fairy infusion.

Preparing to expose Maribel to anti-magic gas. (I have the briefing set up. I need only the RAI players to respond.)
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