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.dat extractor for MoF/SA?
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anyone know any .dat extractors that can open the .dat files from MoF/SA?

i hope im posting this in the right place D:
If you want the musics, you can use this, found here
im actually trying to extract the sprites from the games, not the music
thanks, but thats not what i'm looking for

[EDIT] nevermind, i don't need it now.
It took me nearly an hour to reorganize my files and remember how the hell these things worked.

If anyone wants the tools, just ask.
I would appreciate such tools.

And/or any .dat extractors that work for EoSD/PCB/IF/PoFV as well.

I have a cunning plan... or maybe a bad case of insanity.  Maybe it's both - a bad case of inspiration... or cunning insanity.

I'm really not sure but I do know I want these things.
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