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東方霊病院 ~ Souls and Dreams Lost Yonder
« on: October 10, 2010, 10:36:55 PM »
Rain fell on the umbrella, filling her ears with their incessant drumming. It was another wet day in Lotus City, courtesy of the rain season.
She spun her umbrella a bit, to ease the noise for a bit, and lose herself in the alternating pattern of red and white, her favorite colors. She couldn't help but smile just a little. Rain usually is depressing, but she knew that the rain brought life to nature, and knew there was no need to be depressed over it.

She pressed a button in a small panel next to a large metal gate. A prison gate, some would say, a gate of safety to her. She saw the large lawn on the estate behind the gate and again smiled, thinking how the grass must eat the water up. A distorted voice of undetermined gender spoke through a small speaker by the button she had pressed earlier.

"Ye, who's there?" the voice crackled with static thanks to the 'bad' weather.

"Hey Shingyouku. It's Reimu." She smiled, a bit more forced now, knowing that she had a lot of work waiting for her inside. Potentially unpleasant work.

"Oh, greetings Dr. Hakurei. I'll open the gate for ye. Should I send someone out to drive ye to the building?" The voice interfered with by interference inquired.

"That won't be necessary, I would rather walk. Thank you for the offer though." She nodded at the intercom, as useless a gesture as can be, and watched as the gate began opening, screeching the entire time it spent moving. The sound got into her bones, sending chills down her spine, but swallowed the bad feeling from the noise and stepped through the gate onto the drive way.

As if on cue, a lightning bolt split the sky and illuminated an increasingly darker sky. Reimu sighed, pulled out a charm of protection, closed her umbrella and stuck it to the top of it. She'd rather not get struck by lightning today. She continued on her way towards the building further back on the estate, a large manor only illuminated by the light through its windows.

She looked up into the sky, attempting to hold her umbrella steady as the storm  grew in intensity. She didn't like the fact that they felt the need to surround the asylum with such a storm, just to discourage escapes. The gate was one thing...this storm another...she would have to have a word with the head of the institution sometime about this.

She sighed as she looked to more earthly things...the trees were being thrown around by the wind, the lightning only burning their still shots into her eyes, making them appear as though they were claws. She sighed, getting the feeling that she was suddenly walking into a horror story of some kind. She sincerely hoped it wouldn't be one.

The orb cursed her lack of hands, having to concentrate into one of its human shapes every time it wished to turn to the next page of the Bunbunmaru the local tabloid newspaper. The headlines read "Palanquin Crashes Into Lake. Captain Murasa too Exhausted, or Hijiri Temple Conspiracy?"

Shingyouku looked up from the paper as Dr. Hakurei entered the building, a mildly expression on her face, water dripping from her, her umbrella flipped up and heavily damaged by the winds. The dripping of the water onto the marble floor were all that could be heard within the lobby of the asylum for a few moments, bounding off of snow white ivory walls and pillars, illuminated by magical sunlight  flooding in through a stained glass window in the ceiling depicting two women, one in blue clothing, with six wings, and one in white and red clothing, wielding a sword, locked in eternal combat.

"I told ye Dr. Hakurei, I could've had some of the cards pick ye up at the gate. Either way, welcome back to the Heaven and Hell Sanctuary." Despite lacking a face, Reimu could sense a hefty amount of smugness in the giant Yin-Yang orb's voice.

"Now, now, what kind of psychiatrist would I be if I were afraid of a little rain and lightning, Shingyouku." She gave the orb a little smile and approached it.

"I'm here for those two trouble makers. Are they still in their usual rooms?"

"No doctor. We had to move them even further apart. Sariel is at the end of the Heaven wing and Konngara at the end of the Hell wing. They have been rather quiet since the move though, thankfully."

"I see. May I have their files please. Let's see if I can't get through to them today." Reimu takes the mentioned files, smiled and nodded at Shingyouku in appreciation and made her way towards the double doors leading to the two wings of the complex. It was time for her to save some souls.


Aren't I just a fluffy ball of bunnies? Here, have another story.

Reader's choice: Should I go to Jigoku or Makai first? (How often do you get the chance to tell a writer to go to hell?)

There will be sadness, but the stories should hopefully focus on healing rather than hurting.
My portrayal of Reimu as a psychiatrist will likely veer off into psycho therapist territory at times, if not at all times. This is still set in Gensokyo though, so the terms are not to be taken too narrowly anyways, being a different culture and all.
Please comment. T_T
And if you are still reading...thanks for reading.
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Re: 東方霊病院 ~ Souls and Dreams Lost Yonder
« Reply #1 on: October 10, 2010, 10:42:03 PM »
"Palanquin Crashes Into Lake. Captain Murasa too Exhausted, or Hijiri Temple Conspiracy?"

Also start in Jigoku because SoaDS is a better theme.