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Title: Moerin and Stein (Season 1)
Post by: helvetica on October 07, 2009, 02:56:02 AM
This thread is for the lovely lady Moerin to resist the gentleman's charm of Sir Stein.
Title: Re: Moerin and Stein
Post by: Von Stein on October 07, 2009, 03:56:51 AM

I hope we can both enjoy this to the fullest.


It's nice to be given this chance to become more properly acquainted with you. May I ask for this dance?
Title: Re: Moerin and Stein
Post by: Moerin on October 07, 2009, 05:41:57 AM

My, aren't you a gentleman?  Well, if you insist... But don't think you're getting any more out of me that easily~
Title: Re: Moerin and Stein
Post by: Von Stein on October 07, 2009, 05:50:41 AM
I could not dream of it. 't is not truly a lady, who is too easily swept of her feet by simple smile and fancy dress.
Allow me the chance to find the way to win your heart, for that I might grasp it tightly and hold it close to my own.
I beg of you, let me see what moves you, and I shall become it, carrying you on my shoulders, like the mighty Hisoutensoku!
Tell me the song that makes your tears run freely and I shall play the song that will form your rainbow.
Title: Re: Moerin and Stein
Post by: Moerin on October 07, 2009, 05:12:59 PM
Mmmm, you're a real smooth talker~

But words alone will not sway my heart, oh no.  It's one thing to say you'll do all that, but it's another entirely to actually do it.  Prove your love by your actions, not your words, and then maybe you'll get somewhere~

...Besides, you probably say that to all the girls.
Title: Re: Moerin and Stein
Post by: Von Stein on October 07, 2009, 10:48:22 PM
((OOC: *swear swear swear* I was typing this on my PDA during math class, and just as I hit submit, the battery dips below internet capability and nothing is submitted. >.< Had to type out the whole thing again. I hope you appreciate it, Theorist~. e we
PS: Please pardon the late response...blasted time zones.))

I agree. A man has to prove his worth.

The epitome of a man would slay a dragon in your name, conquer countries just to spread word of your beauty, and force all the armies in existence into submission, so that they may bend to your will.
Alas, I am largely powerless in such earthly manners.

A man of wealth could attempt to buy you the heavens and hells, gilt the sun, the moon and the stars to lighten up your life, and shower you in riches the likes of which would have Krosus green with envy.
Alas, I am merely a man of independence, not of abundand wealth.

My worth is solely that of words.

I cannot bring fantasies to life with colors using oil and canvas as tools of gods.
I am not a master of the musical arts, rarely able to stir the soul, rarely able to guide it through the inner world of oneself, beautiful beyond compare.
I can however attempt to make your heart travel through realms as of yet unexplored, and reveal to it wondrous marvels, using naught but the words one hears and sees everyday, in ways not yet dreamed of.

I am a man whose worth is his words, who used these very words to etch out a comfortable living for himself, and I am in possession of enough to share this comfortable life with enother person.


I see your accusation. I can assure you that it isn't just a passing fancy I hold for you, lest these words would not have been spoken. I do not idly flirt with every dame I come across. You have awoken a part in me that I had thought dead. You have shown everything I hold dear in a partner.

Intelligence, creativity, purity, humbleness, and toughness.
You are well spoken, have a free mind not afraid to challenge the world, have behaved dignified at all times, have shown respect to anyone deserving of it and have endured in rightfully believing in those that need it the most, even though no one else would.

I know, I may be too forward, but I decided it's now or never. You have captured my heart from the moment I laid eyes on you and everything you did from then on worked only to fortify this feeling.

Fear not, I have not stalked you. Only when fate brought us together did I see you, and I did not tempt fate, despite having been brought close to you numerous times, enough to have made me wish to take this next step.

Will you allow me the chance to know all I could ever know of you?

Will you allow me the chance to let you know all you could ever know of me?

May I ask of you this dance, so that we may waltz through the night together, share sweet nothings, share ourselves, and perchance find a fertile ground for this budding relationship to take root in and grow strong?

I am but a man of words and my words are my actions. Allow me to act, and if fate wills it, win your heart in a manner pleasing to you, like you have won my heart, oh so long ago.

Allow me this dance and allow me to show you what a man of words can do.
Title: Re: Moerin and Stein
Post by: Moerin on October 08, 2009, 10:00:53 PM
Ah... I... I s-see... Ahah...

*blushes slightly*


Well, I suppose your intentions seem honourable... And you really do seem like a nice guy...

I suppose I should at least give you a chance.  I mean, I do have to admit I was rather flattered.  It's not everyday someone confesses to me like that (or, um, at all), and I would have to have a heart of stone for it not to skip a beat.

So... I guess I'd really like to get to know you a bit better... If th-that's okay w-with you, of c-c-course~

Oh, and, uh, sorry for the shortness of my reply in comparison to yours... I... I'm really not much of a talker, but I love listening, so... If you ever want to talk about anything, just let me know, okay~?
Title: Re: Moerin and Stein
Post by: Von Stein on October 09, 2009, 01:07:09 AM
*smiles warmly*

Of course, it is perfectly fine with me, my dearest. After all, I want to know all about you as well.

As I have said, I am a man of words, a writer. I am not the most famous one, but I have had mild success with a few select ongoing titles. You may, or may not have heard of my collection of short stories "Twilight Spark Zone" or a few silly skits I wrote a little while back known as "Adventures of Beloved Tomboyish CPMC."

I am enchanted by music, both wild and mild, rampaging and cascading like tsunami, or flowing gently, with nary a noise, like a creek. Be it organs, violins, shamisen, or electric guitar, I will lend all music from all the world my ear.

I currently live in a minor estate not far from this place, too large for a single person, which does not help in alleviating my feelings of wanting someone by my side, most specifically you. It has a small patch of forest land behind it, should you be interested in taking walks with me during days of sunshine, and perhaps days of rain as well.

I do not travel much anymore, but have seen a small part of our world in my childhood, as my parents, God rest their souls, journeyed across the continents, allowing me to see places like the the cherry blossoms of Japan's spring, falling like late snow, summer's sun glistening in the grandiose Lake Victoria, the colorful foliage of New England's forests in fall, and the snow covered alps, with a hot cup of wine in my hands.

And that is all that comes to mind immediately.

Do you wish to know any more? May I know more of you?

It makes me you like poetry? It would please me eternally if I were allowed to grace your lovely ears with some simple, but heartfelt verses.
Title: Re: Moerin and Stein
Post by: Moerin on October 10, 2009, 12:09:02 AM
Firstly, I... Apologise for the lateness of my reply.  I just can't seem to get my thoughts out clearly at the moment, but I'll try my best for now...


I am most pleased to hear that you are an author.  I'm actually quite a big fan of literature, and have been known to occasionally dabble in such things myself (although with limited success, mostly owing to my crippling writer's block).  I'll be sure to check out your work as soon as I have the time~

Likewise, it's nice to know you appreciate the power of song and verse.  Whilst my own tastes are rather eclectic, for whatever reason all of my favourite bands can be classed as metal.  Make of that what you will.

There... Really isn't much to say about myself, really.  I'm just a shy, introverted bibliophile, not very well travelled at all (not once in all my years have I left the mainland), and... Really, there's not much to say about myself.  I'm... Rather plain, I suppose.  Sigh...

Ah, but I do enjoy poetry, very much indeed!  It may sound a bit weird, but I like to keep my copy of William Blake's Songs of Innocence and Experience close by at all times~  In addition to that, I have quite a few volumes of poetry in my possession~  Ah, there really is nothing like it, I suppose...

Um... Ahem... Yeah, well... Once again, I apologise for how long I took to respond... I... Hope you can forgive me...
Title: Re: Moerin and Stein
Post by: Von Stein on October 10, 2009, 08:24:24 AM
/me smiles and sighs softly, chuckling a little*

Morning sun on dewdrops shines,
Mid of day with glory glows.
Even'ng sun paints red cloud vines,
Mid of night, stars shine in rows.

Hands of clocks they can't stand still,
Hands of men they won't rest once.
Enjoy what's here, whenev'r you will,
Enjoy what's there when chance f'n'lly comes.

Don't worry yourself, my dearest. Our time on earth is short, but that does not mean there is no time to live. And I say I wish to grace you with poetry, but I also am afraid that I am not the most skilled. My poetry may sell, but the taste of the masses may not necessarily be your taste to. I hope my attempts meet your approval.

/me looks slightly embarrased.*

I appreciate your interest, but do not feel pressured to read them by any means. I would prefer for you to make your image of me based on my own words, not those of my fantasies. On the other hand, if you wish to read them, I would be delighted.

I understand your predicament with the writer's block. Perhaps we could assist each other here, for I too occasionally find myself in its vice. Maybe we could find inspiration in each other. Nay, I know we can find new realms to explore through one another.

/me smiles warmly again.*

Heh, Metal can be wonderful, and it can be terrible. It is entirely depended on each song, is it not? On each song and on each person's own tastes. I have to say myself, most of my favorite bands are those that perform Rock and harder variations thereof.

Hrm, I must say I am not terribly familiar with William Blake, even though I have read his Songs of Innocence and Experience and have to say that I was rather intrigued by it, in a most pleasant manner of course.

And you claim you have nothing to say about yourself, and told me already so much? /me chuckles slightly.*
 I guess I need to apologize for my sudden appearance like this. I... I normally am not the most forward person myself. But It's occasions like these that just made me...I guess one could say "go for it."

/me  looks slightly embarrassed again.*

And again, I am glad at the mere fact that you responded at all. Your words are my ambrosia, filling my soul with sunshine. I wish you would allow me to fill my soul with your radiance everyday.

Fall comes, yet life thrives.
Singing families dancing.
Only love prevails.

It's probably too early to ask...but...would you consider being with me?

I know but one thing right now...

I...I love you.
Title: Re: Moerin and Stein
Post by: Moerin on October 12, 2009, 04:24:31 PM
/me mumbles incoherently, before regaining her compusure.

Ahem... W-well, I am rather in awe of your mastery of words, and our encounters elsewhere have proven that we'd be... Most compatable together... However...

...You're not the only one who I'm interested in right now.  There are... A few other people who I have found myself falling for.  It... It's not that I don't like you (on the contrary, I like you an awful lot), it's just that... My heart's in the air right now, and I don't know where it will land.  Anyone could catch it... Even you~

But... I don't know how to choose... I wish I wasn't so indecisive, but I can't help it.  I hope you understand.

I... I really do like you, though.  I hope you know that...

/me blushes.
Title: Re: Moerin and Stein
Post by: Von Stein on October 13, 2009, 05:00:37 PM
Y-you do?! don't have to chose me over someone else. I have no problems with you being polyamorous. If you have but a little love for me, I could be the happiest person in the world...and be able to share it with you.


I'm so sorry. I...I had intended to include a token of our shared appreciation for Rin,* however, while the song is in my head, I fail miserably at bringing it to paper. I was ... not able to be worthy of you there...I am so, so sorry. mustn't give up. I will find a way to be yours!


*@Readers other than Theorin: Satsuki Rin, not Kaenbyou Rin, you morons.