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Friend requests seem to be working now finally.

Is the first free ten-pull supposed to have a guaranteed 4*? I got one and thought I heard it did, but the roommate started playing and didn't get one from his. Maybe I just got lucky.

Ionasal kkll Solciel:
Definitely not guaranteed. You're guaranteed a Servant Puella, but which one you get is entirely up to chance.

Also finally figured out how the hell some people have level 20-30 characters this early. Also I decided to go whole hog and make Iroha a 2*, damn the fact that her stats go back to level 1.

EDIT: Oh, that's an early mat hell. what are these drop rates
At least the game has an option to search available quests for mats, so you're not wandering around all the quests to figure out where the Rooftop Witch is.

It's not clear to me how much content there is in the game right now, but I feel like it's really been keeping me busy. I've been spending a lot of time in the special training quests gathering materials so I can ascend Madoka at some point, but the individual character stories are all real neat. I haven't even started chapter three or looked into the parallel story yet.

Edit: My game was auto-battling aaaaall day at work, chewing through heaps of stamina potions, to get Madoka's ascension materials all ready to go. I was set to turn her into a five star aaaaand... that'll be one million Kyubey Coins! Shit.  :D

Ionasal kkll Solciel:
Welcome to CC hell. Much like QP hell, you're never leaving as long as you keep getting more and more Puella.

(Also, feel free to dump Zantetsu from your friends list; thanks to not bothering to get my ID saved somewhere before my phone died ignobly, I'm either going to quit or just going to restart the whole thing once I get the new phone sorted out, because it was already way too late to get any of the release celebration stuff. RIP all that progress (and 4 bucks for the gem pass), but it was basically only a week.)

Zengar Zombolt:
A GBF crewmember donated me his extremely blessed account after he realized he didn't like the game, so come follow hskSneNA if ye would like~


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