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東方海恵堂 ~ Marine Benefit English Patch (0.10a released!)

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Touhou Kaikeidou English Patchver0.10a released

After a long, long time, 東方海恵堂 ~ Marine Benefit, lit. "Eastern Ocean Blessings Hall, a Touhou fan-made game, is finally getting an English Patch.
This patch was able to made through Hex editing, since all of the game's text are hardcoded, unfortunately, making the patching progress slower.
However, this doesn't mean it's impossible, so here I am to bring this into reality.

Have a preview video to see what it is going to look like, a sketch of sorts:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zNl-XZGRwec <- sort of outdated.

Hello everyone who's waiting for this patch! It is not yet completed. I said it was going to be complete at least until the end of December, but it didn't turn out to be that, yeah?
Anyway, since you've been waiting for it for so long, I'll release a preview of it. Images are all mostly translated and dialogues go until Kazumi with all characters. Spellcards are also all translated, system stuff is also done. It's a question of time until I finish it. Mostly important, if you have anything to report please do, that'll help this patch to get better - remember, this is a WIP. Download it here: https://mega.nz/#!fZBzjC7A!fe5bznIAsrJnEqj5tGU9UCNkQtUGff_WdlrVoS7muzo

Follow the instructions provided with the file!!
And this is the 2nd most important thing you should do:
Use explicitly https://pooi.moe/Locale-Emulator/ (Locale Emulator), other applications such as AppLocale, LocaleSwitch, or hp's AppLocale won't function properly.
Problems are various - wrong font display, some symbols not appearing, crashes, etc
So please, if you're gonna use this patch, don't expect that it's going to work properly without it just because it's in English!

Also, I know that I do a lot of jokes, but this is not a joke. For real.

Since Ryann forgot to mention it, credit is due to Terraformer9x for proving that this was even possible - with this, er...glorious image.

Um, I said that already  :3


Good luck on release and further translation, Marine Benefit holds a dear place in my heart

Yeah so, it's out guys (should I be doing this honestly?)


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